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Thursday, July 18, 2013

DJ Shadow Man - a poetry

DJ Shadow Man

We're the opening act
Bucks make me to act
So just droppin' the band
I skeet best on a one-night stand

If it's the bomb I'll be back every night
With all my damn remixes tight
Bitches don't respect it, till you put them arms out
What you talking bout, clown, what's it all about?

Cause I'm badder than the bold, bolder than the bad
I guess I shouldn't talk so bad about my dad
We gotcha feelin the funk from your neck to your feet
I spread the good Karma out, grab a pen a sheet

He had to leave, while other girls flocked in
And my flow's still tighter than what yours mighta been
And please don't get offended, baby girl I'm just asking
I can count my own dusty cents with you laughing

Well I made it this far, built it all from scratch
Sho' nuff gon stall, but I'm ready for the match
Show me my afterlife before you send me to the hearse
still I'm in it, penin' it, rappin' it, and still hurts worse

Play the record or get beat down, Diddy style
I think about her every once in awhile
Never mind, Baby, Mama is by.
dont cry buddy, kiss your ass goodbye

Spit shine, let it glisten, now listen
The way I'm livin, way I'm glisten
It's Do Wa Diddy, what an old bone
So watch yourself in the demilitarized zone

Causes dudes hollering in the building
Even with their blood and guts all over the ceiling
I want you to be my lady, my lady, oh
And if you don't it keep up you're gonna blow

Playin' you fools, so now you know why my belly's round
Wake and bake, chop a break up, to make it sound
My rhymes the greatest, at least that's how I feel
Hittin up the hood doin drive-bys too to get a meal

Choosin ya know,now im on the production board
Beasty buskers had the sound that I couldn't afford
I cry feelin stupid, used and alone
Foolishly you try to tke over the throne?

In good old Europe, with a cherry honey
I ask questions, then slap money
For certain I'm the truth foolproof to spite
Whoa, everything's gonna be alright, it's gonna be alright

Like the Blair Witch Project
Who follow footsteps and correct
Me and her, like a ghostbusters team
spinnin crazy, that's Diabolo's dream

Or today is gon' be your last day.
I think I need to get high today
Just a serious side, that can't no money to buy
So I need a sip every day and get high

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