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Monday, June 24, 2013

Making Of Music Video "Words Of Love"

@ recording studio

I recorded a rumba-song as I recall my feelings when playing dancehall music with a band. I added filter effects to the rhythm section to let it sound more modern and not like a recording from the early 60s. Although I must admit that this sound is still fascinating to me.
Read the lyrics here: http://www.vienna.cc/kunst/songs/song_words_of_love.htm
Preview the song here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/going-out-for-summer/id524447833

Supporting young talents
Mary Joy
I became acquainted with a young lady living in Manila / Philippines. She wants to become actress. I asked her to send me short videos I can use in my music video. And she agreed.
Communicating via internet

So I sent videos to her where I act the way I want her to act for me. When she sent me photos and videos I was overwhelmed by her performance and how she looks - because she looks so good.
I hope I can support her career to become an actress.

I asked her to be part of my music video project
Mary Joy on Twitter: http://twitter.com/maaaaaarrryyyyy
Mary Joy Homepage: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1594497727

I usually support young talents. I produced a lot of music videos and interviews for bands in Vienna, all without charge, only to give them a chance to be online. Some of the music videos and interviews were published on Austrian TV / TV channel OKTO. I have that stuff on my YouTube channel.

Transcontinental cooperation
The most fascinating for me is the transcontinental cooperation. She lives in Manila / Philippines and I am in Vienna / Austria. A Eurasian project. Isn't that great?

Dog Jackie
Dog Jackie
Jordana Djongow lend her dog to perform for my video. We recorded the dog session in her rooms and I cut the dog out to place it in my music video. The dog gives an opinion about my music...
Jordana Djongow's homepage: http://www.net-impuls.org/dj-malerei

Fashion Tie
Also a big thank you to Christine Persché who gave me the ties I wear in the music video.

Technical fun
I like playing with computer effects. I made a video where I hold a frame in my hand and fool around with this frame. Pictures appear and disappear. At the end it is an empty frame in my hands.
  • I hold it in front of me and freeze the picture
  • A picture appears in the frame showing a later position of head and background. Then the frame I move the frame in front of my head and show the picture is integrated in head and background.
  • Actress Mary Joy apperas in the frame. When the lyrics say "whisper in my ear, so soft and sweet" Mary Joy on the picture whispers in my ear.
  • A dog is cut out for being a picture in the frame
  • ... and more ...
I like having fun like that.

But that is not enough.

Future of interactive TV
Menus apear on the screen and a hand chooses from the menus via "touch". The background is changed, the colours are changed, an opinion about the song is to be shown.
In these days tv techniques are not as capable to provide such services. Maybe this is the future of interactive TV.

I wanted to put a picture of me here, but she looks better
Report about the published video: http://viennacc.blogspot.co.at/2013/06/music-video-words-of-love-published-on.html

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