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Monday, January 28, 2013

20130128 Legal issues at MIDEM

The morning started with a discussion of GEMA about copyright in Europe. The interesting thing was that industry (Dr. habil. Christian Baierle, Roba Music Publishing) needs a revision of the regulations urgently while politicians (Ansgar Heveling, CDU-politician and member of the German Bundestag; Andy Baum, former Vorstands- & Aufsichtsratsmitglied of AKM / Austria) said that rushing makes no sense. Message on the bottom line: we are willing to work out a solution.
GEMA (Germany) about their compensation system, what is so special and unique.
5: Ansgar Heveling, Member of the German Bundestag;
3: Alexandra Thein, Member of the European Parliament;
6: Andy Baum, Austrian Singer & Songwriter;
1: Dr. habil. Christian Baierle, Roba Music Publishing;
2: Prof. Dr. Enjott Schneider, Composer and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of GEMA;
4: Presenter: Manfred-Gillig Degrave, Editor in Chief, MusikWoche;

I went to the Barbados stand. I opened conversation with the words: "Congratulations to Rihanna!". The representant handled me a USB stick looking like wooden and a little bottle of "Mountain Gay Rum". I asked if I could drink that rum if I am not gay. Laughter and photo. Pleased to meet them.
The afternoon started with attorneys about legal situation of rights management. Interesting for me: interviews. In France, Eric Lauvaux said, a signed agreement for even one sentence is needed. James Kendrick (USA) said, the same in USA. I usually don't let agreements sign. I usually ask people if I can use the interview for tv and online and record their spoken agree. Well, attorneys were shaking heads. I think, signing an agreement for interviews is necessary for big acts.
Barbados is proud of Rihanna

Daniel Glass moderated a discussion about cooperation of agencies and brands. At the end he had an interesting question: In these kind of deals who has the power? Surprising answers: europeans said: attorney, brand, label. Camille Hackney (Atlantic Records, USA) said: it's the audience.
Nice lens flare effect without photoshop in the afternoon sun

Very interesting presentation of K-Pop. After this I went to the Korean stand to get K-Pop music and they handled me an album by KARA, a korean girl band.
K-Pop goes global (l>r): Kellee Maize (USA), Drunken Tiger (South Korea), T Yoon Mirae (South Korea), Bizzy (South Korea)

The day ended up with a performance by DJ Spooky (Miller Paul D.) together with a female violinist from the Cannes Orchestra.
DJ Spooky with violonist from Cannes Orchestra
On top floor of Palais de Festivals

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