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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Adding retro lines to a photo

Adding lines to a photo can give a dynamic moment to the picture. Lines are identified with movement, although in a static picture. In my example I want to show the wind blowing from the background over the square.
It is TownTown in Vienna. The skyscraper in the background is the Wiener Stadtwerke Tower. The photo was taken in November 2012 in the morning.

What I need

1) Photo
2) Lines

3) Colours

I combined the Lines and Colours with method "multiply" to get coloured lines.
Then I moved the coloured lines, Rotated, Perspectived and Distorted it to put it into the right position. I also wanted a wave in the lines. The endpoint near the middle is made lighter, because the background is light from the rising morning sun.

I repeated this procedure for the second lines.

The layers I created (named in German language):
  • Hintergrund: the photo, processed with Curves and Contrast.
  • Ebene2, Ebene1: only saved for more lines. These layers are invisible.
  • Gruppe3: Group with the lines on the right side and a Gradient map to make the starting of the lines lighter
  • Gruppe2: Group with the lines on the left side and a Gradient map to make the starting of the lines lighter
  • Selektive Farkorrektur: Selective Colourcorrection for the final picture
  • Kurven: Curves for the final picture
  • Ebene5: only the sky cut out of the Hintergrund layer.
  • Farbton/Sättigung: Hue/Saturation to make the blue colour of the sky deeper blue

The result picture