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Friday, December 14, 2012

Variation of tilt effect: special focus

The tilt effect is a effect you get when photographing into a miniature world like toy train. I made up a photo of a station, shot in a December morning. You see people standing, some station objects like clock, display and trash can and a train coming.

My first approach was to blur all objects outside a range in the middle. People and ground in the middle are sharp. I also left the train sharp although it is not in this range, because I think that is the main object in a station when a train is approaching.

The variation
Then I tried another approach. I asked myself: What are the most interesting objects for the story? Where would I look first when I enter the station?

My answer: I would look at the train, the clock and the display saying where the train is going to.

So I took these three objects (clock, displa, train) and blurred the rest of the picture. Then I darkened the rest to make the three objects stand out more.

In real this focus is impossible. I think, this variation of tilt effect an interesting concept.