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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

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wihihihiggle script for After Effects CS4+

Yoko Ono Imagines Peace In New York

ActiveMusician Riff of the Day

#Music production:
Composer interview: Emmy nominee John Debney on ‘Hatfields & McCoys’ (Part 1) - National Soundtracks
#Music production:
Halloween | Free Sound Effects (scary, monster, evil,…)
#Music production:
Reverbs for Urban Exteriors - Social Sound Design

10 Photo Manipulation Tips for Beginners
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Senior Portrait Photography: Natural Light Techniques –
Camera Settings Simplified on a DSLR
Using a White Wall as a Photo Background

Core Skills: Photoshop Levels [HD] Video Tutorial
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Skin Tone Correction in Photoshop
Add Dynamic Lighting to a Flat Photograph
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Free Webinar on September 27! 12 Common Mistakes Nonprofits Make in Social Media « Nonprofit Tech 2.0 Blog :: A Social Media Guide for Nonprofits
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The Face of Social Media is Changing

WoW (Words of wisdom the world is waiting for ;-) Music can touches my soul. Not every music, but most. Even the universe has sound. Maybe you don't hear it, but you can feel it.

Faith is bigger than fear. Said who? I think it was a lemming.

For instant happiness add a good glass of wine.

Creative songwriters always have to learn. Never stand still. I mean a tree cannot write a good song.

If I fail I don't mind. Tomorrow I will say "ok, that was yesterday"

How To Photoshop a Picture

In this Event Space presentation, Tim Grey demonstrates the following Photoshop techniques:
• Image cleanup strategy
• Quick fixes with the Spot Healing Brush
• Controlled cleanup with the Healing Brush
• Patching areas of an image
• Two-step cleanup with Clone Stamp
• Fixing color contamination and strong color casts
• Minimizing noise

Enjoy this 2 hours tutorial

Tim Grey's website: http://www.timgrey.com/

Bands & Musicians What Videos to Promote

You not necessarily need a big budget to produce a music video. I work with a small camera (1000 Euro) and sometimes add shots with my small photo camera (500Euro), where I can record FullHD-videos (1920x1080) as well. Postproduction is made with Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects. That'S why I blog and tweet After Effects infos I hope that are useful for bands and musicians. I try to be creative and avoid standard videos like "band playing a song in a practice room". I try too add ideas to make it more interesting.

What videos are interesting for upload?

  • Live concert - the usual thing with band on stage and the crowd putting hands in the air.

    I did it with the band Propella. It was shot with my photo camera in FullHD (1920x1080). No big equipment.
  • Story oriented music video like "Thriller" by Michael Jackson. Musicians are actors, the stroy happens on a filmset with scenery.

    I did that in the video "Rosenkrieg" by N.I.C. with Sarah Martin singing. The song is about divorce.

  • Interviews and docu about a song or a story happened to the band like buying a guitar showing the shop and the tryout of some guitars. Or say something about songwriting or soloing on guitar. "How it happened".

    I made a docu about my song "Baby Give Me One More Chance"

  • Behind the scenes in the practice room or while recording a song like the recording of "Sympathy for the devil" by the Rolling Stones. Or cut scenes from recording various versions of a song together to a final video with the final song version to show how the band was working on the song. Or simply let the band play and do something interesting with the video.

    I did that with the band Drawn Daggers where I simply shot the band in their practice room, but the video looks like putting one photo after another on the table. The band said, they play a little 60s-style, so I tried to add a little "Starclub"-feeling (Beatles 1961, you remember?)

  • Show on strange place where the band performs in the streets, in a dungeon or any other strange place.
  • Video press kit about the new album, new tour or something you would submit to press.
  • Invite your fans to remix or cover your song
  • Animating and commenting with YouTube's free tools

    Example: I used subtitles at the interview with John Hatton recorded in a hotel room in Cologne / Germany on his tour with Brian Setzer. To show it in Austria I wanted to have a german translation in the video.
  • Show pictures of the band as a photo slide show and play a song or all songs of the album. This is a low budget solution, but better than nothing.