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Monday, May 14, 2012

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Smooth Graphic - Motion Array

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How to Choose a Guitar Amplifier
Passive Tone Controls - Premier Guitar
Using Guitar Effects and Pedals

Free Teaching Resources | Free teaching resources and tips

#Music production:
TST’s Dubstep Bass Wobble Tutorial
How to Make White Noise Effects in NI Massive
Free 3D Sound Packs for Ableton
Indie: Rock Collection Vol.2 - 10 construction kits brimming in the styles of today's influential Indie artists
Textures – 10 Textured Sounds For NI Massive
Knowledge Bank Series: Recreating a WEEP Synth

Behind the Scenes – PictureCorrect What happens when you take a fine art photographer and a fashion photographer and have them shoot the same model, in the same wardrobe, at the same location?
Introduction to Photographing the Northern/Southern Lights
Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority: Exposure Lesson #1

How To Create an Outer-Space Themed Poster
How to Enhance & Retouch an Image – Photoshop Tutorial
Become Creative By Using Photoshop Basic Tutorials
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Here Are The Best Entries In Our Drunk, Sulking Patrick Kane Photoshop Contest
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Tutorial: Understanding Curves | Nature Notes
Amazing Photoshop Brushes for Free ~ Photoshop Tutorials
Moon and Stars Photoshop Brushes ~ Photoshop Tutorials

#Social #Media:
Music Industry Fail: This Time It's Personal.
DOWNLOAD Your Guide To Social Media Marketing Newsletter subscription needed
The Impact of Social Media
What are Social Media KPI’s?
How to Prevent Social Media Fatigue — Performancing
Social Media Clout: The Rise of Micro Celebrity Endorsements

Book Review: “Spunk and Bite”
The Rules of Engagement in English

WoW (Words of wisdom the world is waiting for ;-)

Hanging in a lounge with the head leaning on the wall, watching the lights and wondering what the world would look like in black & white.
Pictures on the wall, pictures in the papers, in the net and on every screen. And even if you close your eyes. Isn't that exciting?
Hunting a chord. Something in the guitar, trying to get it out into the amp.
On my album "Going Out for Summer" I have a weird fingerbreaking chord. I don't remember the song, only the try&try&try when recording.
The always good mooded and most funny people, deep in their heart they are the sadest people in the world
I don't like effect music. Effects are good, but never forget about the song, the pure composition. Does it sound on an acoustic guitar?