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Friday, May 11, 2012

Today's Top Links 20120511

Using Loop Expressions in After Effects for Video & Properties
Faster raytracing in CS6 while rendering in the background… YMMV
CS6: what’s new and changed « After Effects region of interest
Using Shapes from Vector Layers in After Effects CS6
Tutorials > Keying Greenscreens in After Effects CS5 Tutorial
Motion Aftereffects - Page 2 optical visual illusion in which the static images appear to the viewer as in motion
3D Motion and Position of Text Characters with After Effects
Motion Aftereffects optical visual illusion in which the static images appear to the viewer as in motion
After Effects CS6 Essential Training
3D Camera Tracker in After Effects CS6
How to Resize Actors Head in After Effects
turn graffiti into a living person

#Movie #Film:
Shot of the Week - Free HD Creative Commons Stock Video Footage - Timelapse Clouds

Music Theory / Tetrachords
learn guitar: Allman Brothers – Blue Sky – Southern Rock Guitar Lesson – Intro Part
Learn How to Read Bass Guitar Tab
Black Magic Woman How to Guitar Solo Lesson Music Theory
100 Greatest Guitarists: David Fricke's Picks

#Music production:
Massive Dubstep – Nebulla Womp (60 sounds for Massive)
Scary Alien Spaceship Sound in Massive
Lush Dub Techno Synth Bank for Massive
Phase Alignment for Live Sound with InPhase | Videos
Recording vocal over base track?

Light Painting Photography In Bullet Time – PictureCorrect
7 Secrets Every Aspiring Street Photographer Should Know

Photoshop winged rebel design tutorial
Create a Chocolate Volcano Using 3D Effects
Create a filmstrip in Photoshop from scratch
How to Transform Black and White Photographs into Colour using Photoshop
Turn your photos into Banksy graffiti
Designer Creates Free Photoshop Action That Emulates ‘Toy Camera’ Look
50 Time Saving Photoshop Actions to Boost Your Images
Adobe shows off Content Aware Move and other Photoshop CS6 features
Stars Without retouching | The Thread
Giveaway! Jo-Totes! Pure Photoshop Actions
Adobe Photoshop Tutorials - Out Of Bounds (OOB) (edit your photos to look as if it comes alive)
Create Stunning Graphics In Under 2 Minutes
9GAG - Awesome photoshop with 8-bit music

#Social #Media:
Get More Leads And Traffic with Best Content Marketing Tips

15 “Dis-” Words and Their Relations

WoW (Words of wisdom the world is waiting for ;-)

I remember Las Vegas, where I did NOT make the big money in a casino. But I'm not the only one, that's a comfort to me. :-(
I have an idea: musicvideo, where a band is running, simply running. Where to? At the end You'll see. But what will be the message?
Nobody is perfect, but it's ok if you try.
A love formula excel cannot calculate: 2 friends * 2 gether = 4 ever.
Also silence can have a message. Speaking not a word can tell us quite a lot. Especially where free speech is forbidden.
My album cover has so intensive colours. I wanted it, it feels like summer.
The most heart attack computer message: "Wrong password. Access denied"