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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Today's Top Links 20120307

#AfterEffects:After Effects Project Files - AFTERGLOW LOGO REVEALER
After Effects Project Files - Barcode It (an experimant)
Audio Autofade by in/out points - Transitions, Presets (ffx)
Creating Concert Style Lighting effect in Cinema 4d & After Effects
Visual effects by Adobe
#Musicproduction:Mixing: Where to start? - The vocal
Fruity Loops Tutorial Blog and How to’s
DIY Basic Room Acoustic Measurement
Portable DJ / Producer Tools: How to Build a Powerful Mobile Studio on a Budget
Beat Making Secrets
Why is it so hard to get signed?
How to Make a Filthy Wobbleblebleblebel ;-) Bass in NI Massive
#Music:The Commuters Giving Away Free Download of "As I Make My Way"
#Photography:Themed Engagement Shoots
Photography Tip - How to Restore Pictures Deleted from a Memory Card
Five Reasons to Calibrate and Profile Your Display for Photography by David Saffir
Tip on Using Red Scale Film: Shoot the Cloudy Sky
Tip: Choosing a photo location
How to Use Photoshop Curves to Correct Exposure and Colour -Jason Row
Tip -- How To Find the Perfect F-Stop
Tip -- How To Avoid Static Photos and Viewers, Part 1
Image Keywording Tips -- Tip #57 Letters of the Alphabet
Image Keywording Tips - Tip #89 File type?
#Photoshop:Quick Tip: Stitch up Your Layout (create a cool stitching effect)
3-D Text Shatter Effect  - a Tutorial
Liquid Text Photoshop Tutorial (Moe's Photoshop Tutorials)
40 Extravagant Fantasy and Surreal Scenes Photoshop Tutorials
Simplified Photoshop CS5 Tips For Beginners – Part 3
Free Guide to Photoshop for Idiots, Pro Tips (register for newsletter and download)
15+ Free Photoshop Gold Styles
Fantastic Collection Of Photoshop Layer Styles
Carving on wood in photoshop (start with a photo of wooden surface)
Photoshop Elements 10 Tutorials – Free Guide To Learning Elements
#SocialMedia:A How-to Guide for the New Facebook Cover Photos
#Writing:A Quiz About Tactical Syntactical Revision
WoW (Words of wisdom the world is waiting for ;-)Macro photography is fascinating. Make small things big. Got to try one day.
Tsar Vladimir made it again. Monarchy? Is this what Russia needs?
Spaghetti and red wine, this combination is fine - not only for the rhyme.