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Sunday, March 4, 2012

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#AfterEffects:How to import 3D models in After Effects using photoshop
CS 5.5 - Visual effects
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Adult Lessons
What are Guitar Scales? How do I Use Them?
The History Of Music: From Grunts To Guitars
Where did music begin, and where is it going? The answers are surprising.
#Music production:Noise: sterility antidote - Analogue emulation with Massive
Use ‘Noise’ - Create Atmosphere In NI Massive
#Photography:How to Take Panoramic Pictures (more challenge than you think)
The Incredible Digital Artwork of Julie Dillion
5 Photography Criticisms Your Friends Are Too Nice To Give
Learning More About Photography - 10 of the Best Articles
Why Don’t You Tell Us Which Settings To Use?
Photo Tip of the Month – 5 Reasons Why Compact Cameras Rule
Quick Tip – Spray and Pray
Photography Tutorials for March 3rd 2012
Tip: 4 Steps To Understanding Light
#Photoshop:How to import 3D models in After Effects using photoshop
Tip: Masking Images and Filters
Creating dramatic portraits with dark backgrounds
Free Video Tutorial – Understanding The Saturation Tool(s) In Photoshop « Photofocus
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Killer Tips
10 Photoshop Tips for Developers » SitePoint
Changing The Background Colour of a Photo
Free For All: Photoshop Brushes Blowout
The Ultimate Collection Of Photoshop Custom Shapes
50 Photoshop Photo Editing Tutorials
#Social #Media:
#Writing:45 Synonyms for “Food”
WoW (Words of wisdom the world is waiting for ;-)Sometimes it's better to be different. Does not matter different to what or whom.
Effects cannot turn a bad song into a good recording. A bad song is a bad song and should be erased and forgotten or worked over.
Some people are like lions, like bulls, like bunnies and some like rhinos. And some are roses. Sometimes you find it when trampling on it.