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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Today's Top Links 20120223

#AfterEffects:Using a Wiggle Expression on a Single Position for the Puppet Tool in After Effects
Adobe After Effects CS5 & CS5.5 * Color correction, color grading, and color adjustment
(yet another help)
#Music:Kickstumbler Helps Funders Find Bands : The New Rockstar Philosophy
#Musicproduction:The 15 Minute Mix
Consider this your challenge for today.
Quick & Easy Series: Making a Chorded Synth in NI Massive
Funky House Stab (Passion Pit and Madeon-esque Style) in NI Massive!
(make a classic funky synth)
How to make Skrillex-style mangled vocals in Melodyne
(Melodyne - genius German software)
Free Dubstep Drum Loop | Free Sound Effects
To Understand is to Perceive Patterns (Video)
#Photography:The Impact of Less
(sometimes less is more)
Read Photography Books Instead of Photography Magazines
Tip and Hints for Event Photography
35 Most Brilliant Examples of Animal Photography
(learn from it)
Quick Tip: Setting Exposure in Backlit Scene 
Image Keywording Tips - Tip #121 Words or Text in an Image
20 Amazing Photos of the Harsh European Winter
(roundup of a long cold winter)
#Photoshop:Creating an Aquarium in Photoshop
How to Make Facial Retouching in Photoshop
Paint a Castle in Photoshop
How-To: Trace on Object without the Pen Tool
13 Amazing Photoshop Tutorials You Should See
Create liquid effects in Photoshop
(let it flow, let it flow)
30 Outstanding Free Photoshop Brushes To Improve Your Work
(free is always good)
Professional Photo Effects Tutorials of Photoshop
Free Wood Fence 3D Textures Pack with Transparent Backgrounds
Celebrities Before and After Photoshop
(haha, they are only humans - and stink like everybody when they dont bath)
Create a Lady Gaga party poster in Photoshop | Graphic and Web Design Blog
Photoshop Fail or Optical Illusion?
#Social #Media:
#Writing:A Quiz About Quotation Marks
WoW (Words of wisdom the world is waiting for ;-)If there is no reason, just party without reason
We say: Let's party when there is a reason. I say: Let's create reasons to party.
Models? Oh, poor creatures. Silicon bombers and botox-monsters photoshopped to the maxx!