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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Today's Top Links 20120207

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Create a Cool Bottle Ad in Photoshop
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#AfterEfects:Adobe After Effects CS5 & CS5.5 * Keyboard shortcuts
Tutorials – Color Correction Burst (CC Lens) – After Effects
Overview of a New After Effects Character Animation Tutorial From Daniel Gies
Create An Awesome Array Of Shattering Strings
#Musicproduction:Encyclopedia of Home Recording: Auxiliary Send
Game Audio 101 - Learn about Music, Sound and Game Audio
What's Up in the World of Film, TV, and Game Soundtracks (Presented by Tracksounds)
Tutorial: Wavetables for nasty bass lines
Lights “February Air” Pluck SynthTutorial for NI Massive and FL Studio
30 tutorials for Native Instruments Massive | Native Instruments Massive tutorials
#Guitar:5 Badass Female Guitarists – get addicted to ... DAILY MIX OF CREATIVE CULTURE
Guitarists, make your on guitar picks !
#Writing:A Quiz About Missing Connections
#SocialMedia:Social Media Needs Strategy: Don’t Let the Tail Wag the Dog | Business Unplugged
Rising Barrier of Social Media
2012 Social Media Marketing Handouts :: MarketingSavant
2 ways to measure social media successfully
10 Ways Social Media is Transforming our Culture and World
Free Social Media Marketing Webinar
Where To Start With Social Media

WoW (Words of wisdom) :-)

I look at other's mistakes. It's not only glee and derision (har har har). It's just to learn what to avoid.

Twitter is changing our communication to 140 chars maximum. Thank god, "I love you" is too short to shorten (except "I luv U")

In this media world we are more authentic. Creating images for musicians, a stereotype out of the box? I never wanted that!

A marketing expert said: "It is not clever often tweeting about drinking wine. Better like popcorn." - Cheers, bro, I drink on that!