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Saturday, January 28, 2012

First day at Midem

Technicians make sure that the presentation
(not in picture) is perfect

Snapshot at MIDEM

Rain in Cannes, guys selling umbrellas

Real freaks never take a break

Rain in Cannes!

I like the stylish toilets
at Palais de Festivals

Stressy people rush from one event to another
between the stands at MIDEM
At Midem in Palais de Festivals et des Congres as well as in Riviera hall. Both buildings are connected one level under ground. Every country of this world is represented, even Austria. Some large companies have a single stand. Noise, people talking around me. At the stands business talks, maybe million-dollar-deals and - what modern term - networking. Musicians connect with producers, songwriter with publishers. Smart businessmen, stressed assistants, smiling representants, and a few "also-there".

Like last year I took a lot of CDs. Music from all parts of the world. Indierock from Chile, folkmusic from Finland, rock from Taiwan.

Presentations, interviews and presentations from 10am to 6pm with 1.5 hours break, but real freaks never take a break. All events are in english of course. Outside it is raining. At the Palais de Festivals guys sell umbrellas. Inside busy people running from one stand to another, from one event to another.

A man walking in front of me lost a busness card. I picked it up and gave it to him. After thanking we had a short talk starting with "who are you" and "where are you from". It was Charles J Tan, musician from Australia. And we exchanged business cards. He was laughing when I told him that some people think that we have the kangaroos and they have Mozart.

I have to stop a little my destructive sense of humour. When someone handles me a businesscard I want to handle mine to him with the words "here my revenge". But not everybody is cool enough to understand the joke. On the other hand it might happen that he will remember specially on me, the guy speaking with this non-US-accent and that strange communication. However, let's rock the world. Only James Bond lives twice.

I am so tired in the evening, my head is buzzing. Words like "business model" or "marketing concept" ring like big bells in my head. After evening dining I fall into the bed and into dreams while tv is bubbling. Midem is too interesting to intellectually switch off or physically stay away.

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