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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Flight from Vienna to Cannes

Flight to Cannes at Cote Azur / France. 6h55 start in Vienna, stop in Zurich and then Nice. With shuttle-bus for 16 Euros to Cannes / Rue Felix Faure near Hotel De Ville. Apartment is not ready, I have to waste my time until 3pm. In my rooms I have a kitchen with dishwashing machine and microwave. Hotel's wireless LAN service does not work in my room. To log in I have to go to the lobby. There are a lot of TV channels, even a few in german language: ARTE (german), 3sat, KIKA, ZDFinfo, ZDFkultur, ZDFneo. No CNN, but BBC-channles.

Interesting that small groceries have same or better prices than supermarket (I went to InterMarche). The plus: near hotel and not expensive.

Eating in a restaurant. Unfortunately I cannot understand french. To order on well luck? The waitress helped me in poor english and I ordered a steak. Not really something you think of at Cote Azur, but the only word I could understand. It was great with spices a la Provence.

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