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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Make something out of a trash picture using HDR

I took a photo that was shot spontanously in Vienna while walking in the evening. The story was: Posing like the model on the poster.
The photo was taken with a small camera I call it a "quick-click". The picture (a "quick-click-pic") had aweful pixels. What to do with this non-professional quick shot ? Try to make something interesting out of it ! (You can trash any result anytime)

the original picture from camera-chip

What I did
the layers in photoshop
  1. Copy original (always good idea for a fall back)
  2. Cut out figure
  3. Original: Make HDR with photoshop on original. HDR also works on a single shot.
  4. Change saturation, make higher saturation in new layer
  5. Reduce noise extremely
  6. Unsharp mask extremely
  7. Photofilter to sepia / dark brown, density 51% in a new layer
  8. HDR to cutout figure, different parameters to 3), optimize only figure.
  9. Reduce saturation on figure
  10. Reduce noise on figure
  11. Insert figure as new layer over original and all other layers
  12. New layer for Fill transparent to black to darken bottom and right edge
  13. Copy figure to "Figure shadow" and set new figure behind figure
  14. Curve to darken Figure shadow
  15. Soften Figure shadow
  16. Set Opacity of figure shadow to 85%
  17. Move Figure shadow a little to right

The result is a different colour of figure and background, finally a interesting picture. A little trashy, but worth to look at.

the final picture
I like workling with HDR. I processed the background with HDR / fat saturation. The background gets a strong colour, but the figure's face gets red like a first-schoolday-balloon. That's why I process figure and background seperately.
If that result is possible with a quick-click-pic, what would be the result with a RAW picture ? I like RAW - I also like it raw in rockmusic ;-)