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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What Makes Press Releases Special

In business, publicity is everything; any business that has ever received negative publicity can understand how effective the media can be at creating a negative image. Press releases on the other hand can be used to showcase and cultivate the business image you desire. Through writing and submitting their press releases online and to print publications press releases can get a company positive feedback from other businesses, gain the attention of potential customers and gain free publicity when their press releases are published.

Unlike other forms of advertising press releases are not seen by your targeted audience as "hype". Since press releases are published by legitimate news sources, customers who purchase your product are more likely to trust and believe the information that is being provided. In addition, press releases help build a companies reputation and establish their place in the industry. New companies often choose to release one or two press releases a month in order to create a buzz around their product or service and inform customers of what value they can provide to their lives.

When media publications are creating year-end list, top ten lists and writing product reviews they also turn to press releases as sources for inspiration. A company that creates a well-written press release can gain additional exposure if their product is features at the top of a "best of" list or given an excellent product review.

Even for companies that choose to sign up for subscriptions to press release wires the potential sales growth is worth the expense. Though a company could pay several hundred dollars a year for a subscription to one or several of the major press release wires, these companies are able to send out press release to thousands of journalist who opt-in for these services; providing exposure to journalists who are actively looking for stories or products that they can create articles around. These services typically offer category choices so you can target press releases to industry specific publications, daily news sources, Radio and online news outlets.

Press releases are also beneficial to businesses because of their adaptability to both online and print media sources. Though online press releases are continuing to increase in popularity, businesses have the ability to target customers by taking advantage of both methods of contact. Companies can also add press releases to their own sites and use press media kits in order to tie in releases with other methods of marketing.

Press releases can also help a small startup find potential investors for their product or service. Companies can get the most benefit from press releases by understanding and planning a marketing campaign that incorporate press releases as well as other form of advertising. By making press releases a key part of the business strategy of attracting new customers and keeping their company in the public eye companies can ensure their press releases continue to add value and increase the sales potential of their business as they grow.


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