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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Musicvideo "Why" by ViennaCC published

Why is a very Beatles-soundalike song, but with modern sounds. The story is simple: "Why didn't you reply to me". I remember in DOVUM Studio, when I was working on the arrangement. I wanted something close to 60s, but not too close. There must be a strong bass like a excavator. I like it that way. A bass is something you feel in your hiny.

When I made the percussion section I added a filter effect on it. It should not sound too natural like in the 60s. I think the drums and bass together with that percussions work well. The bridge before guitar solo sounds great.

When recording the guitarsolo it was about 2am in the morning. The gag is a conversation between two guitars. And that refers to the singing where also is a conversation between solo singing and chorus.

The melody is quite simple and - hopefully - easy to remember and sing along with. To make it more interesting I made one refrain with echoed keyboard, a variation.

I also work as photographer. So I got the idea to take a few photos of the last months (and years) and to compile it to a photoshow in film-format.

The interesting thing is, that YouTube-analytics show the strongest response from Germany (I thought, this is a hiphop land), Israel (!) and USA.

Click here to read lyrics of song "Why"

See musicvideo "Why" on YouTube

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