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Monday, July 23, 2012

Today's Top Links 20120723

Cool Free Stuff for Editors/Motion Designers
Everything You Need to Know about Text Animation in After Effects
Creating a Retro Flip-Clock Animation in After Effects
Creating a Maya Position & Normal Pass for Pixel Cloud Relighting in After Effects
Free Light Leaks Pack
Element 3D First Impressions & Animation Experiment

Order Of Flats - Music Theory Lessons
How to play guitar Blues Guitar Lesson

#Arts: Interview With Digital Artist Nicolas Monin-Baroille (get inspired, also see works at http://www.theunknownbeing.com/ )

Making a Cool Saw Wave Riser Transition FX with NI Massive
How can I learn how to create my own synths in Reason 6? - Social Sound Design

#Photography: Understanding Exposure and Camera Settings
#Photography: How To Take Headshots
#Photography: Surf Photography: Life on the Edge
The Wonderful World of Macro Lenses: Close-Up Photography Lesson #4
Quick and easy landscape fixes in Photoshop Elements
HDR Before and After and Blue Lotus Fractal
20 Free Grunge Photoshop Brush
How-To: Trace on Object without the Pen Tool

#Writing: 40 Helpful Words Ending in -ade (or -cade)
#Writing: “Fraught” Is a Heavy Word

WoW (#WordsOfWisdom the world is waiting for ;-)
Found a modem. Anyone remember this hardware? Gonna dig it in the earth for later generation's archaeologists to find evidence of this time.

Individuality? Some call it attitude. I call it personality.

Every second we receive a billion impressions and filter most of it out. What genius thing a brain is. Although I cannot see or feel or taste or hear it.

Now I'm gonna put on a rock cd and turn on loud. Then I try to stand still. Only to know if I can.

A stranger is a friend you don't know yet

In vino veritas - In the wine there is truth. I'd wish there was a buck to pay the last glass.

I don't search for real love. How can we find each other if we two people run around? So I stnad still and wait to get hit.

A life without love is like a year without summer.

Meeting a long lost love is like doing a remix on a 50s rock n roll song

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