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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Trashy 60s style picture with polaroid flair

Example of making something out of a blurred photo what others usually would trash.
It was a personal challenge for me when playing with photoshop. Can I do something interesting out of a totally gone wrong picture you usually would trash? Here my result:

What I did

I cut out the figure from the original and paste it into a new layer "figure". Underneath I opened a new layer "background" to do a 60s pattern.

I added a light effect and blurred it. The blur is important for me because the figure is blurred too, it was a bad photoshot.

To make photo more authentical I worked over the figure layer with colour correction (more green an yellow), reduced the saturation and made more contrast with curves.
Trashy, but interesting in a specific way.

Here my photoshop layers - nothing spectacular
Conclusion: Be creative in whatever you do!

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    you can at least go like this: