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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Today's Top Links 20120212

#Photography:Why You Need To Pre-Focus Your Photos with Point and Shoot Cameras – PictureCorrect
How to Make a Mobile Portrait Studio for Events: Burning Man – PictureCorrect
When And How To Use A Neutral Density Filter
How to make your iPhone photography more striking with the “rule-of-thirds”
Make Great Portraits With Any Camera! - Tip 6
Image Keywording Tips - Tip #82 Opposites
Comics of the week #116
Making the perfect cover girl
#Photoshop:The Remarkable Photo Manipulations of Jan Oliehoek
Add realistic tattoos to your photos in Photoshop
Puppet Warp Cool Tip: Straighten
Creating 3D from Grayscale in Photoshop CS5 Extended(produce landscapes with this)
How To Design A Gorgeous Big UI Button In Photoshop(UI or WOW does not matter)
20 Examples of Awesome Photo Retouching(brrrrrr)
DOWNLOAD An Idiot’s Guide To Photoshop: Part 1(hey, perfect for me!)
Top 10 Best Photoshop Tutorials This Week 009 « Tutorialstorage
#AfterEffects:Error: The layer exceeds maximum size : Adobe After Effects basics
After Effects Basic Training
#Musicproduction #Audio:NI Massive Knowledge Bank Series: Labrinth Style Gliding Synth
Macro Control panel in NI Massive. What are KTR, VEL, TrR, AT ?
Top 10 Game Audio Mistakes
Free Circuit Bent Toy Guitar Loop
#Guitar:Best Guitar Players On YouTube | Guitars Player(learn from them)
live streaming video powered by LivestreamA monthly showcase of unsigned artists
#Writing:90 Verbs Starting with “Ex-”
#SocialMedia:Social media as Social problem solver(a therapy?)
How to Use 3 New Facebook Features for Better Social Media Marketing
WoW (Words of wisdom):A feeling comes and leaves a song. And then it's gone, but the song remains.
Good bye, Whitney Houston. I will always remember your message: no drugs!
Well, let's learn from Whitney Houston: High pressure can cause a deep fall. And keep away from drug-friends or drug-husbands & -wifes

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