Friday, February 10, 2012

Lux Leopard - Indie rock from Sochi / Russia

The band Lux Leopard is from Sochi / Russia. There is so less information about the band on their websites. But this band is hot! I listened to their songs on Soundcloud. Here is a review of their latest release,  the EP "Secret".
  • Secret - Rhythmically good structured song, so it is not boring even after listening the 7th time. Well prduced. The vocals are remarkable, because outstanding expressive.
  • Neon Girls - Same like above. Part with guitar only brings tension into the production.
  • From first sight - Nice rocksong, not as strong as both other songs. Partly monotone vocals.
Summary: Female vocals are very important for the sound. There is no smashing guitar-solo, what is not bad. It only means that the vocalist is the soundmaker.

Secret EP by Lux Leopard