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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Today's Top Links 20120122


Intentional Camera Movement – PictureCorrect

Create A Composite Layer | Tip of the Day

5 Tips to Create Great Actor Headshots: by Joseph Cristina

Winter Photography Tip #3 – get in close

Winter Photography tip #5 – Play with Depth of Field

Taking The Formal Photos After A Wedding: by Robert Hillis

Tip: Panning and Blur

Tip for better snapshots « Blackcurrant Photography – Portraiture and fine art photography gifts from Western Australia.

PhotographyTalk | Tip—How to Become a Street #Photographer, Part 1 | Photos by Doc - Photography

PhotographyTalk | Tip—How to Become a Street #Photographer, Part 2 | Photos by Doc - Photography

Tip—How to Select a Memory Card for Your DSLR Camera, Part 3

Talk | Photography Lighting Tip: How to Create An All Black Background

Tip: Sometimes you just have to let go

A tip for shooting photography in the snow

Talk | Photography Tip: Creating dramatic portraits with dark backgrounds

Image Keywording Tips - Tip #107 Unusual Facial Details


Puppet Warp Cool Tip: Straighten


After Effects Project Files - LOGO BULLET

After Effects Templates | Topic: End Of Days – Awakening

Liquid skies video


5 Ways Businesses Can Use Social Media as a Tool for Progress

Some Key Social Media Trends To Look For In 2012

7 Advantages of Social Media for your Business

Facebook Marketing Impact of Social Media [infographic]

10 Types of Updates to Power Your Social Media Presence

The 4 Reasons To Optimize Timing Of Social Media

What Is Social Media Marketing

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or MySpace


Why Would I Want an Electric #Guitar?

#Guitar tuning and basic maintenance -…

The 350 Best Education Resources Chosen By You | Edudemic | Interactive Teaching and Learning


Drums in NI Massive with OhmLab – Part 4 (of 10)

Quick & Easy Series: Making a Chorded Synth in NI Massive

Sound Design for Cinematic Feedback


75 Synonyms for “Angry”

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