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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Photography tip: always shoot RAW, not jpeg

Photography tip: Always picture in RAW format, not jpeg or other format. This ensures flexibility for any later workout.

What I did in my example-picture:
(See the photoshop layers on the bottom right)
The layers:
  • Text: ORIGINAL and FINAL with a Noise-effect
  • Text glow: Text copied to layer under text and blurred with a little colour change
  • Orig: the original photo on top
  • Gradients dark / transparent: in the middle transparent, the rest black
  • Highpass: highpass of photo to sharpen contours. 2.5 pixel - only contours
  • Highpass & smotth alien: Highpass again, but only alienhead. deleted the rest.
  • Photo: the original photo
i like the highpass-effect. i often use it alternatively to unsharp mask.

The picture
The picture was taken with automatic mode of whitebalance, focus,... I prefer to shoot (or let shoot in this case) with automatic. I work out everything later with Photoshop.

I often shoot with small cameras for spontanous ideas. That works fine, but RAW-format is better.

Here the photo - original above the work: