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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas in Vienna

It's Christmas time and walking through the city can be very relaxing or exciting - depends on your mood.

From the warehouses you can hear christmas songs. Mariah Carrey's "All I want from Christmas" or Wham's "Last christmas". Not to forget John Lennons "Happy X-Mas (war is over)". The most traditional christmassong "Silent night, Holy night" is performed on December 24, not before. But there are other traditional Christmas songs:
"Oh, christmas tree"

or "Oh, how joyfully"

In the city near St.Stephen's Cathedral there is a big Christmas tree. Lights come from the stars and lamps on the tree.

Walking to Graben big chandeliers are hanging over the street.

And near Pestilence column (Pestsaeule) christmas trees are offered.

For all cold noses market stalls offering hot punch (Punsch) is offered. Crisis or not, this business always works.

Some windows are made up christmas like, even Mozart comes red and white dressed like Santa Claus.

There are Christmas markets in the City of Vienna. They offer candles, art handicraft, tea, bakery, meat and more. As already said, crisis or not, food is always a good business. Viennese people like to eat. That's why they are a little roundish.

These markets are full of Christmas athmosphere, wonderful lighted.

A very beautiful one is the "Old-Vienna Christmas Market" (Altwiener Christkindlmarkt).

At 9pm lights go out, stalls are closed and people move homewards.