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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Last warm evening in Vienna

Summer, summer, where will you go?
In the park near MuseumsQuartier and Volkstheater blackbirds sitting in elderberry bushes, whose branches hang to the earth exhausted. People in dark suits stream out of the subway station and hurry along the pavement. We do not know if a hard day is behind them. Theater-goers with suit and tie wait patiently outside the portal for admission.

Behind me tramway is ringing. On rails. Exactly according to schedule. At Spittelberg small art studios still are open late night. But the American couple does not buy silver jewelry. Old vienna without glamor, but with flair. Cigar smoke in the narrow street mingles with the scents from the restaurants. Millirahmstrudel and BBQ. This balmy evening is too inviting to resist.

The photo camera finds many motives, even dark corners are pictured. Knowing that the next day will bring cold rainy weather. One last look to a late summer idyll. Rows of tables in front of restaurants, smiling faces of beer-drinking friends groups. The embrace of autumn will arrive tomorrow. But what will happen tomorrow is not a topic today.