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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Song analysis "Big adventure" by Nick Kwas

Nick Kwas asked me what I think about his song Big adventure
Ok, here my opinion:
  • perfect production
  • good arrangement
  • good chorus singing
  • the song itself is a good composition.
  • expressive vocals, good understandable.
  • vocals: first tone at 1m43s a little out of tune.
  • in the beginning the voice is ok, soft as it is; the message obviously is "think about this". At the end "so walk right out of door" needs more power, it's a little too soft. convince the listener that you mean it like wanna say "move your ass, lazy bone! and now go and change the world"
  • i dont like the crash cymbal.
  • changing in tact (~0m40s) can be a prob for airplay in commercial radio - if you target mainstream
Here the link to the song: