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Friday, August 5, 2011

New press picture launched

A little photoshop work.
  1. First I cut out the figure from a picture and mirrored it horizontal.
  2. Copied the figure and with filter I solarized it. To make human colours on the face I removed the face from this copied layer.
  3. Next I took a photo from a landscape and worked over it with a lot of filters to make it colourful. I used effect curves in a funny way, I made a wave in the filter. On top of this layer I smeared a little. There should be no hard lines or edges.
    I added musical notes, squares, flashes and lines. The lines are turned in nearly the angle like the guitar's neck.
    The light points are flares (photoshop filter). With curves I reduced the lightness of the spots from white to grey.
  4. Then I processed another image nearly the same way, but made a squirl effect to look a little like a loudspeaker. I set the layer's opacity to about 40%.
  5. Another picture looking like a wav file is also turned in nearly the angle of the guitar's neck. And I put splats on it.
  6. Then I copied the figure again and made 3 layers with processing the colours by toning it. A little smoothing the edges and set opacity to lower than 100% to make the background shine through.
  7. Adjusting opacity of layers on final check and all together now is the final picture (see below).
Important: Fill out ITPC and copyright data and also make resolution to 300dpi for printing.
I was looking where to change resolution, but it's easy:
Adobe - help online - Change the print dimensions and resolution
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