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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

First Austrian 3D MUSICVIDEO launched

First Austrian 3D musicvideo "Chat online" uploaded on YouTube, a song from the latest album "Connected". In the musicvideo "Chat online" I act in a dark cyberspace between server-cubes and computer-boxes with moving webpages in the background. You need 3D glasses red/cyan to see the 3D effect.

A few hours after upload YouTube reported a copyright issue to me. I ridiculed on Twitter: "It's my music. Better listen to the music, not to attorneys!"

My background? Well, besides photographing producing musicvideos for my own songs as well as interviews and videos for Austrian bands for OKTO, a local TV-channel in Vienna.

Here my statement for the press: "I am the first in Austria creating a 3D musicvideo. TV, Home-PCs, video editing software and Youtube is not prepared for 3D-format yet, but 3D is fascinating and is a technique of the future. I want to do 3D to see how camera movement, colour and light design and - not to forget - effects work on 3D."