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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Love and sex - Germans and Germanics

Thousands of padlocks
On the big railway bridge near Dome (Hohenzollernbruecke) there are many padlocks. Love couples put a padlock at the palings and throw the key into the river Rhein. Some locks have names and date. There was one young man looking for his padlock. But he could not find it among the other thousands of padlocks. I said with soothing voice: "Never mind. I hope your lvoe will last forever." He was looking up and replied like he was daggered: "It's over. That's why I want to find the padlock".

Germanics and sex - museum reveals truth.
Visited Romano-Germanic Museum
Very impressive the oillamps upstairs. There are many Germanic oillamps with erotic pictures. Obviously Germanics were no philanderers.

Also saw Egyptian Gardens. What did Germanics and Egypts drink? Both had wine. Cologne wine was very sour, nevertheless it was exported to London.