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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Concert Brian Setzer & Rockabilly riot

Interview with John Hatton (www.facebook.com/johnnyspazzhatton, http://www.eden-electronics.com/artists/johnhatton.asp), bassplayer with Brian Setzer. I will cut a short TV-report.
Brian Setzer, former guitar player in a band called "Stray Cats" is actually touring through Europe. It's the Rockabilly Riot Tour.
We, TV-producer and student Mariam Osman and I, were invited by the management to the concert at E-Werk / Cologne. John is a funny guy doing a funny show. Brian Setzer is playing a virtuosic Rockabilly guitar.
His style is 50s influenced. Great, great, great. I have Stray Cats-recordings no vinyl. At that time a new exciting sound.
Pouring rain after the show. We two under one umbrella, losing right way from this industrial area Deutz, part of Cologne. But everything was alright! Feeling good

Trip to Cologne (Köln)

Railway station is besides the venerable Dome and my hotel was in the City, Hohe Strasse, 3 minutes from the Dome. Isn't that comfortable. With very small front but 50 rooms.
I always take big breakfast, it's included in the room price. Call me "greedy pig", "cost optimizer", "bookkeeper" or "penny pincher". I like it to walk in the City with only a bottle of water. From 11am to 1pm, when others have lunch, is the best time in museum. In the evening when hunger arises I go to a restaurant to have dinner with local meal.