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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Film- and photoshot in castle Laxenburg near Vienna on a bright summerday

Had filmshot in Schloss Laxenburg, a beautiful castle from Kaiser time near Vienna. I need a few shots for a musicvideo, don't say more, just work on it.
It was very hot, a real bright and sunny day. I had video camera and photocamera. I went (nearly) around the lake. Unfortunately it is not possible to surround the lake. I went up to the bridge and to the grotto. On the way to the bridge to the castle (Franzensburg), named after Kaiser Franz Joseph, I saw interesting trees. I am not one of these crazy naturalists holding a tree murmuring magic spells to inhalate the energy. I mean it's a plant, nothing but a plant.
I had a opulent breakfast at 8am with coffee, chiabatta (Italian bread), sausage, cheese, tzatziki. I arrived at 1pm and left at 5:30pm. I only had 1.5l mineral water with me, nothing to eat. After arrival at home at about 7pm I started cooking. Shrimps with rice, Asian sauce and salmon. And a bottle of my favourite white wine, Hungarian Muskat Ottonel from Danube region.