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Monday, June 20, 2011

Work in tv studio OKTO, Vienna

Working with UTV in TV studio of Vienna tv channel
OKTO as director's assistant on the camera mixer. Man, I did not learn that, did not study, but I worked it out.

Most important: make a plan!!!!!

First I helped a little to build up the scene in the studio. Then I was in my job in the live mix room.
We took moderation for the next 3 magazine tv shows of the community UTV. My job was to switch the cameras at the right time, we made a live cut. Interesting to work in a tv studio. What challenges are there, what jobs are to do there? Well, I am not a newbie, was working behind the camera there, but it's never too late to learn. And learning by doing is a great chance to put hands on the machine.

My tip: don't say "no, i cannot, i never did it before"; just say "i never did it and now I will learn that". Here some wise words from a beardy old sage whispering before he died under his eiderdown: "If you do what you can you will always be what you are." And the second thing he said was: "Rosebud", but forget it.

Nevertheless here some pictures from the hard work in the studio.
Olivia, Anna, Christian, Max

Max, Daniel, Thomas (OKTO)

And here a few shots and scenes. I made this spontaneously with my very small photocamera with videofunction. I recorded it without additional light on 640x480. It's pure, it's quick and dirty, that's what it is.