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Friday, June 17, 2011

Palindrome /w Milk+ & Quersumme11 @ B72

Time Thursday, June 16 • 8:30pm - 11:30pm
Location: B72, Hernalser Gürtel Bogen 72 -73, 1170 Vienna, Austria

Lyrics intensive punk/indie/rock, one song against Nazis german. A background bassplayer backing the band from the background, too cool to be hot. A drummer doing a good job with punch. The singer / guitarrist, obviously the mastermind and songwriter, doing ballad after ballad where I wonder how much time it took to learn all these very long lyrics.
Posing in front of a wall where "eat the rich, stealing is freedom" written on it. Socialpolitically engaged the band analyses the world around and fights the evil. Fights bronchial carcinoma, global warming and Nazis. A fight without compromises. In "A little violence" they sing: "I want to get back my destructive ambitions".

And in their own words: "Drugs, books, music, love and more - life´s a bitch, but not a bore." Quersumme 11, What the hell have
mussels to do with capitalism (2010)

A git/bass/drums band playing jazzrock. The guitar is plugged into a effect rig with usual effects like fuzz but the musician also can generate organ chords trigger by only one tone from the gibson. good show, loud sound. daz rock, man!

Welcome back from European tour through Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany. Jazzrock perfectly hammered. I once produced a musicvideo with the band, "

with Rosa from band Palindrome

with Dinosaur jr., musician