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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Frame - next Austrian rockheroes?

Frame is a great Austrian band from Salzburg, the city Mozart started his career.

The sound is rock perfectly produced. Very pure, let's say minimized. 3 men playing, a rockformation with guitar, bass and drums. The music is straight played indierock, no synthie-soundeffects, no omateness. The throaty voice fits well. And the guitarsolo - ok, in the studiorecording they added a sologuitar - is played with soul, a soul being hammered by the rhythm-section, a soul crying out what the world moves.

And when you hear "We are living in an empire of greed" you may be tempted to click on the "buy" button. Well, rock'n'roll is commercial. I would not see Frame standing in one line with bank managers or other bogeymen. And in the musicvideo to "Empire of greed" they burn cash. Real burning with flames.

Can be new heroes of Austrorock!

Listen at http://fm4.orf.at/soundpark/f/frame/main?audiolist=all

Unfortunately the bandwebsite is optimized for any browser, not for MS-IE. Is this a protest against a greedy multinational company?