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Monday, May 23, 2011

TV studio production at OKTO

ViennaCC behind camera1 (watch this tie!)
Recording studio talk at OKTO tv studio for video community UTV. I had camera1 receiving orders via headphone from producer. Startin at 4pm building up the scenery. 6pm production start. 7pm finished recording. 8pm end. Always try out variations, always try to find new ways.

Producer don't like that, because results are unpredictable and they have no time (and energy) for experiments. Nevertheless let creativity flow. Variations of a theme are interesting.
Amelie shooting mercilessly

TV producer Sandra List
Finally we made a signation and a trailer. I fixed the camera on the speaker and my job was to zoom in slowly. First shots I tried to get a feeling on the cam. Don't hesitate to try out zooms and moves. And if we need 20 shots. And if we have screaming matches (surprisingly didn't have this time). And if you are powered out. Always remember: The couch potatoe watching TV does not care about. Only the result counts.
Juliane & Amelie relaxing in studio scenery during construction