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Friday, April 29, 2011

Second day ASCAP MUSIC EXPO - about genre, little boxes and a virtual amp wall

Renaissance hotel http://www.renaissancehollywood.com/ behind - or better say around - Kodak center has a few restaurants inside and around. Great hotel with terrace swimming pool looking down to Central Courtyard in Kodak Center.

I became acquainted with Jacque Howard Sachs, a singer/songwriter from Philadelphia with an interesting voice. For me it sounds bluesy with soul. I like her music. My tip: visit her homepage and listen to her.
We were talking about genre and she said, she does a combination of many genres, she does not want to be put in a box.
I replied: People want to choose boxes. Sure, nobody wants to be categorized and put into a box. But I know bands who write they play a combination of all gernres, others are oh so innovative and created a totally new style. But what is that? Tchaikovsky played with banjo? Would I visit a concert of such a group? I am interested in rock and pop. So if a group comes up with that genre, it would be interesting for me. It's not the music industry that makes the rules, it's us, the customers. That's harsh reality.

I played a MIDI guitar and it worked well. A few years ago a friend warned, don't buy a MIDI guitar; there is no feeling and the more it can't deal with pitching, what you may need in a guitar solo. But I played a Roland guitar and it was a very good feeling. Even flagiolette and chords worked fine. It is so easy to switch sound from Jeff Beck to a dirty fuzz guitar and then to a amp wall like in a stadium. Maybe I should get such a guitar. I still have my HIWATT 100 and it sounds so "tube". But with that hardware I can easily record a guitar solo and later switch to any sound I like. No more micing a git amp.