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Thursday, April 28, 2011


On this first day at Renaissance hotel I visited a few events starting with the welcome-speech. Interesting workshops and technics-demos.
After the last show ending at 6h15pm I met John, a producer from Kansas City. We went to a meet&greet to connect with people, drinking wine and eat a little.

Ariane Kamp, a business woman from New York City, was with us. We went dining starting with a Martini rosso as aperitive. Steak at Renaissance hotel Grill was great. I like it medium with sauce. John said, he had seen Peter O'Toole. Later we found out it was true. He even touched him.  recommended not to wash hands for minimum 6 months.
Peter O'Toole was here to make a print into concrete at the Chinese Theatre.

Then we went to ASCAP music show at H&H ballroom with performing ASCAP artists. But Ariane wanted to go to a movie festival. However she did not have a badge and was not on the guestlist, so we could not enter. I suggested to go to Roosevelt hotel for a drink. I took two vodka/juice. An excellent band playing good old beat-music was performing. So great that I hung the corners of my mouth behind my ears. We left and met John again.

Why Donald Trumpet is not running for the White House

Donald Trumpet is the trumpeter and noisemaker but not running for White House in this early stage. Reps are kidding journalists. Donald Trumpet is the frontman to make media focus on stories we not really need like birth certificate. He keeps media and Democrats busy. Meanwhile serious candidates are working in the background to step out of the dark when time has come.

The more, can you imagine a president named Tataratataaa? "Ladies and gentlemen, the president of the United States of America, Mr.Tataratataaa"
To fact and fiction: I must say, I deeply believe that the US-president was born, but it may be long ago, maybe about half a century.