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Monday, April 11, 2011

Face II Face - DJs from Vienna

Decades ago bands played live on ballnights and weddings. I remember when we had about 300 songs in stock. And some evergreens like "Rock around the clock" or "Love me tender" were musthave-s. With electronic music you can book a DJ-lineup doing loops, remixes and dancefloor-extended-versions.

Here is an example of interesting entertainers from Vienna with music on their website. Sure, some parts of the songs sound monotone, but that's what you need when get the feeling on the dancefloor. But never it's boring. I also like the vocals in the tracks, it gives a human touch.

Video CHAT ONLINE online

Uploaded musicvideo "Chat online", a song out of the album "Connected".
Deep inside the network between server-boxes and rising webpages in the background i perform the song. That's what I call adventure chat online.
It was interesting working in the studio. So different than standing on stage. Always "do this", "dont do that", "beware of the light" and "keep your hand visible". There is a lot of computerwork in there. But having fun get experienced is what counts.
As usual in the lyrics I play around with words.
Thanks to Sandra, TV-producer, acting as model in this video. Doesn't she look good?