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Friday, March 25, 2011

Mindlife - rockmusic out of the synthie-box

Two producer from Graz (capital of Terminator ("Hasta la vista, baby")-country in Austria) form the band Mindlife.

* Under Blankets: indie-rocksong with rockdrums combined with electroimpact. good sound. Vocalcraze combined with synthie running out of control. Listen close to it.

* Fool in love: synthie-brass-section as good effect and good contrapointed, even a good recording if there wasnt that 80s-cheap-synthie effects at the intro. nevertheless worth to be heard. the song has interesting ups & downs / to & fros / fore & backs. Awful quaaak-solo, gotta replace that.

* Time to go to sleep: really makes me tired. not my game

* Pictures on the wall: sounds like anything club. long intro, not spectacular song, a little wannabe-happysound