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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cutting Kunstmue festival films

moderating the clips
Festival film report means: waving arms in the air, bands acting on stage. Can there be new ideas? Hm, I do an intro placing videowalls showing shots from the Kunstmue festival in the scene where I present the upcoming.

Try to put effects on the shots although they had a good light show on stage. A little backstage shot in between makes it more interesting. And I did some good shots at Kunstmue festival. Read here for first impressions.

Gonna put effects in that were not seen at the show, but I want to try to combine report/docu with arts film. The expression or impression counts, what is a silly sentence saying "what counts" with an or. But better controversial than boring.

To get inspirations, hey I don't steal ideas ;-), I was watching Woodstock on DVD before starting cutting.

Secret of success - soccer and basketball

The secret why soccer is so popular is simply that performance measurement is imprecise. I mean one goal or less in 90 minutes, that says nothing about who playing better. Enough space for discussing both teams up to success. One dominated the game but had bad luck; finally is declared as the better player. The other team won 1:0. So both team's fans can celebrate and drink on their team.

Different situation in the USA. US-media want sensations. Every minute another spectacular highlight. That's why basketball is so popular in the USA.

Friday, September 23, 2011

CD-Release party band "Freund Hein"

At "Szene Wien" three bands playing metal/grundge/trash/death:
  • Maytrash (Vienna),
  • Exit (Switzerland),
  • Freund Hein (Vienna).
Freund Hein, a Viennese word for Joe Black, made their metal show with support of Joe Black on stage, a man costumed as Joe Black. Man, that fits well to this band. Technically perfect songs as if they came out of the tomb. Remarkable that this metal band plays with keyboarder. I have contact to work with them for an interview and a musicvideo - something I offer to bands with interesting music.

Besides the event I was drinking beer and talked to other bands. And I always have a camera with me:
Band members of "Subcooltours" and "Rockefeller junior"

Photographer was taking pictures and showing

Monday, September 19, 2011

Edelbrand goes international party

"Edelbrand records"-party titled EDELBRAND GOES INTERNATIONAL at Shelter, a club in Vienna. Opener was "Geschichten im Ernst" with folk and ballads. Then rockband "Rockefeller Junior" played underground rock with a lot of noise.

Rockefeller Junior
 Last act was "Goodbye fairground", a band from Germany on tour in Europe, playing a mix of powerpop, punk and indie. The singer went off the stage for more space. A powerful band from Cologne / Essen. "Goodbye fairground" offers their EP for free download - dont miss to do that, I did.

Monday, September 12, 2011

OKTO TV studio

OMG, daz teleplay! You call it innovative, I call it "challenge"
Working with UTV at OKTO TV studio. I am working in control room video mixing.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Good Morning Sunshine

This morning I filmed the sunrise and got the idea for a song named "Good morning sunshine". I started recording and I now have the beginning of the song.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

ViennaCC's Audio&Visual Magazine

Now the first issue of my own online magazine is out. Actually I have a daily magazine.
ViennaCC's Audio&Visual Magazine

Read stories to learn from (tips and tricks, about help and tutorial) to
  • music production
  • photography
  • video production

I often look in the net for tips and tricks if working on a music production or a video project or have a photo shooting. So I wanted to bundle together all interesting information - and share with others.

Monday, September 5, 2011

ViennaCC offering free songs

Press release

Austrian musician, twice nominated for New Music Award in Hollywood, is offering songs for free download while working on a new album.

ViennaCC: "I am working on a new album to be released winter/spring 2012. Meanwhile I release songs for free download at www.soundcloud.com/
viennacc "
There are different versions of songs. For two songs the single tracks are offered so that remixer can use the material to create a remix. The first song to remix is "Lady Smile",a song from the latest album "Connected" promoted on US radio in a rock version. The free version is a remix version, where also a video and a making-of to this video was released on YouTube (www.youtube.com/
viennacc). By the way, there is also a acoustic version of this song for free download available. The second song to remix is the guitar part of the song "Sexload", also from the album "Connected". Explore the sound of ViennaCC by checking the single tracks for drums, bass, guitars, keyboards and vocals. Give feedback - good or bad - and write your opinion.

ViennaCC: "Sometimes it is interesting to rearrange songs and to play rocksongs acoustic. Sometimes I decide for one version to release, but think the outtake version is strong enough for release. So I put it on soundcloud for free download. For two songs I would be interested in remixes to see what other musicians make out of my material. So: Remix it mercilessly!"

ViennaCC, the man who sounds like the Beatles would sound today, is working in Austria as music & film producer and photographer. Latest album: Connected with 19(!) songs and playtime > 72 minutes. ViennaCC was two times nominated in Hollywood for a New Music Award. ViennaCC is producing musicvideos for own music as well as TV-interviews and musicvideos for local bands to support Austrian music scene and independent music creators.

ViennaCC bietet gratis Download für Songs

Der wiener Musiker ViennaCC bietet gratis Songs zum download an und fordert zum Remix auf.

ViennaCC: “Ich arbeite gerade an einem neuen Album, das Anfang 2012 erscheinen soll. In der Zwischenzeit biete ich Songs zum Gratis-Download auf www.soundcloud.com/viennacc

Es handelt sich um Versionen von vereits veröffentlichten Songs wie etwa eine Akustikverison von “Lady Smile”, einem Song aus dem letzten Album “Connected”. Außerdem steht für eine Remix-Version von “Lady Smile” nicht nur der fertige Mix zur Verfügung sondern auch die Einzelspuren. Diese können für eigen Remixes verwendet werden. Ein weitere Version mit Einzelspuren steht zum Download auf Soundcloud, nämlich “Sexload”, ebenfalls vom letzten Album “Connected”. Auch hier können die Einzelspuren zu einem neuen Remix verwendet werden.

ViennaCC: “Manchmal arrangiere ich Songs und nehme verschiedene Versionen auf. Dann entscheide ich mich für eine Version für die Album-Veröffentlichung. Doch die anderen Versionen klingen ebenfalls interessant und so biete ich diese gratis zum Download an. Ich kann nur sagen: Remix es, und zwar gnadenlos!”

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Artist ViennaCC sponsoring rockband

ViennaCC, Austrian music & filmproducer, produced a musicvideo with Viennese rockband "Mohandas". This support for local talents is free of charge.

ViennaCC, Austrian music & filmproducer, released a musicvideo with song "Never" by the rockband "Mohandas".

The costs for the band were zero. ViennaCC: "I look for talents to support. If I like the music I produce a musicvideo and a TV-interview for free, just for fun. It must be interesting for me."

In this in Vienna produced video the band members are presented as big stars, really big stars. The musicians stand as giants in the streets and rock off. It starts with drums in the clouds and falling down into the streets of the City of Vienna. Then the band members play in different locations as well as together in front of a power station. The big round pots fit well to the drummer sitting behind these containers. In the middle of the video the band members appear as big giants in the city looking for other locations in Vienna.
ViennaCC: "I wanted to make something very unreal. It is not far to seek to film a rockband on stage. Whereelse would a rockband perform? I think it would be a very efficient way promoting a band simply to make a big wall over Vienna and let them perform while 2 million people can watch them. Fantastic pipe dream? Well, in my spectacular musicvideo I made it real."

Musiker ViennaCC sponsort Rockband

ViennaCC, wiener Musik & Filmproduzent, veröffentlicht ein von ihm produziertes Musikvideo der wiener Rockband "Mohandas". Diese Unterstützung junger Talente kostet die Band keinen Cent.

ViennaCC, wiener Musik & Filmproduzent, veröffentlicht das Musikvideo zum Song "Never" mit der wiener rockband "Mohandas".

Für die Band ist die Videoproduktion mit keinen Kosten verbunden, ViennaCC trägt alle Kosten. ViennaCC: "Ich suche nach förderungswürdigen Talenten. Wenn mir die Musik gefällt, dann produziere ich ein Musikvideo mit der Band sowie ein TV-Interview. Aus Spass an der Freud. Es muss halt für mich interessant sein."

In diesem in Wien produzierten Musikvideo werden die Musiker präsentiert als große Stars. Groß im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes. Die Musiker stehen als Riesen in den Straßen von Wien und rocken. Es beginnt mit Schlagzeug in den Wolken, danach fällt die Kamera vom Himmel herab in die Stadt. Die Musiker spielen an verschiedenen Lokationen und gemeinsam vor dem Gebäude der Fernwärme, deren große runde Behälter gut zum dahinter platzierten Schlagzeug passen. In der Mitte des Videos erheben sich die Musiker über die Stadt und blicken suchend über die Wien.

ViennaCC: "Ich wolte es irreales machen. Es ist ja naheliegend, eine Band auf der Bühne spielend zu filmen. Wo sonst spielt eine Rockband? Es wäre eine sehr effiziente Promotion, eine riesige Videowand über Wien zu platzieren, damit zwei millionen Wiener die Band sehen könnten. Fantasterei? Nun, ich hab sowas in meinem Musikvideo umgesetzt."

TV-Interview hier: