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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pirates on a boat of love - Austrian rockband

Rockband from Graz, Austrian city in Styria, with singer, guitar, bass and drums a minimalistic group. Singer is frontman & showman. Newborn woodstock kid? Garage womanizer? Dead-end kid from loveboat-casting? Johnny Depp of Indierock? Let girls judge. But, hey, Depp & love? What was the band's name? Ah, now I understand: Pirates on a boat of love. Songs: http://fm4.orf.at/soundpark/p/piratesonaboatoflove/main?audiolist=all

To the songs:
Showgirls: Strong voice. The song has a good start, but halving speed takes out the drive. I would stand still on the dancefloor and wait until it starts up again. For a party- or let's say a hitsong it's not really a good idea to change speed in a song. There are other ways to bring tension and contrast into the tune.

Let me love ya: seems to be a standard song, nothing exciting, nothing catchy. But the video shot at street event in Graz is funny. The singer is going around asking people to love him - i suppose.

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