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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kunstmue Festival 2011 in Bad Goisern

Saturday, July 23, 2011 at festival Kunstmue I saw great bands playing. It was a rainy day, but never mind. The music was in a big tent. I interviewed organizers Flo and Gasti. This year it was a free event, no entrance fee!

members of the band OFFBEAT MAFIA
who played last year
- and I reported last year
I also took a few shots backstage when musicians spontanously made a a capella sing session. Some evergreens will never die: Steirischer Brauch, Kleine Nachtmusik (Serenade No. 13 - Mozart), Satisfaction, and ... and ... and. Some painted their face. Hey, that was funny!

My tip
musician with TV-producer
Mariam backstage
All in all it was worth to travel from Vienna to Bad Goisern to hear fine rockmusic. I am looking forward next year, because this event is growing. This year the tent was bigger than last year. A must event for Austro music fans.

Later I went off, did not find the way to after show party. So in rainy, dark night I was looking for my hotel. On the street I met Hindoslem also on errantry trip. For we could not ask somebody because noone remembered the name where the after show party takes place. Straying around and around and around in lonesome Bad Goisern.

Interview crasher
Know partycrasher or wedding crasher? When TV producer Ulla Bartel interviewed the organizer of the festival the band Hindoslem crashed into the interview with loud "uhuhuhuhuhuh". Spontanous actionism.

The group's name is a slang word meaning something like "neck slap". They combine Austrian folklore music with ska and rock. They won 1st price at local hero contest and with it a staging slot at Kunstmue festival. Funny rock, must sound very exotic for tourists.

Unfortunately I did not see this local death metal band. Bassguitar player Mike asked me for interview. I did what must be done ;-)

Interview with singer/guitarist Paul from Vienna. That's indie rock, the music I like. The more he said that Rolling Stones are a big influence. I really enjoyed the gig at the festival.

play melodic guitar solos based on a merciless drums and bass fundamental, a remarkable sound. I think this band is on the way up to Austro rock heaven. Where Angels are they play like the devil. Made an interview with them asking about the bandname. They have nothing to do with Hinduism or Islam.
The singer told me that young audience often don't know the old masters like Rolling Stones or Alice Cooper. Not this time. When they played a cover of "Schools out", an Alice Cooper hit from the 70s, the crowd sang along with the band.
Later then backstage the bassplayer asked me for a interview and adulates me ("the famous ViennaCC"). I said what must be said: Hindoslem are on the way up and play great rock - as I wrote above. This simply is my opinion, so go and listen to their music.

Gasmac Gilmore
last band this night. They combine Balkan rhythms with rock. Sounds interesting, is interesting, is musical nonconformism. Listen yourself.

The show is over...
and there was so much work to do for technicians, musicians and organizers.
Drums being removed
things ready for transport


Friday, July 22, 2011

La Fons - Vienna synthie band

Combo from Vienna sounding like small Eurithmics. Minimalized arrangement with synthie and a good female voice. Interesting sound. By the way, Fons is a Roman god of fountain, spring and flowing water.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Love and sex - Germans and Germanics

Thousands of padlocks
On the big railway bridge near Dome (Hohenzollernbruecke) there are many padlocks. Love couples put a padlock at the palings and throw the key into the river Rhein. Some locks have names and date. There was one young man looking for his padlock. But he could not find it among the other thousands of padlocks. I said with soothing voice: "Never mind. I hope your lvoe will last forever." He was looking up and replied like he was daggered: "It's over. That's why I want to find the padlock".

Germanics and sex - museum reveals truth.
Visited Romano-Germanic Museum
Very impressive the oillamps upstairs. There are many Germanic oillamps with erotic pictures. Obviously Germanics were no philanderers.

Also saw Egyptian Gardens. What did Germanics and Egypts drink? Both had wine. Cologne wine was very sour, nevertheless it was exported to London.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


On the house Alter Markt / No24 there is a figure by Ewald Mataré called Dachrinnenscheisser (also named Kallendresser), in english like Guttershitter. Under the gutter a man is showing his blank ass down to the people. There are restaurants in the place, but a Colognian comedian made clear, that he, the guttershitter, does NOT shit into tourist's plates.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Nazi / Gestapo in Cologne - EL-DE house

In El-De house documents from the dark history of Nazi time can be viewed. In Nazi times it was a Gestapo house. People were prisoned, tortured and killed.
There are pictures, documents, videos and in the basement the cells for prisoned people can be viewed. Cells were built for 2 people, but Nazis sometimes put 20 people in one cell. In the second basement it was a air raid shelter. But Nazis tortured prisoners there, for screamings did not come to street.
Read the stories, see the paintings on the wall. See pictures of politicians and resistance people. Read about the fascinating story of Russian prisoner Askold Kurow and his escape. They never got him, he died in 1974.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A real big guitar

Brian Setzer played a real good show. A guitar in the hand is oh so stylish. I want to buy me a guitar, a big one. I found a real big one in Cologne. Maybe too big for me and I can say, I am quite tall.
Imagine that sound, that dB!

Stepping up the tower of Cologne Dome

We, Mariam and I, stepped upstairs the Dome (Kölner Dom). 533 stone steps on narrow spiral staircase. Oh, my calfes. Amiricans call it charley horse. But he that dares not grasp the thorn should never crave the rose.
And here is the wonder of Cologne: 75% of Cologne's houses were destroyed, the City completely bombed out. 1945 in last days of World War II Allied forces marked the Dome for bombing. But not one bomb hit the Dome. All was bombed, not the Dome.
Beautiful view from up there to the City of Cologne

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Concert Brian Setzer & Rockabilly riot

Interview with John Hatton (www.facebook.com/johnnyspazzhatton, http://www.eden-electronics.com/artists/johnhatton.asp), bassplayer with Brian Setzer. I will cut a short TV-report.
Brian Setzer, former guitar player in a band called "Stray Cats" is actually touring through Europe. It's the Rockabilly Riot Tour.
We, TV-producer and student Mariam Osman and I, were invited by the management to the concert at E-Werk / Cologne. John is a funny guy doing a funny show. Brian Setzer is playing a virtuosic Rockabilly guitar.
His style is 50s influenced. Great, great, great. I have Stray Cats-recordings no vinyl. At that time a new exciting sound.
Pouring rain after the show. We two under one umbrella, losing right way from this industrial area Deutz, part of Cologne. But everything was alright! Feeling good

Trip to Cologne (Köln)

Railway station is besides the venerable Dome and my hotel was in the City, Hohe Strasse, 3 minutes from the Dome. Isn't that comfortable. With very small front but 50 rooms.
I always take big breakfast, it's included in the room price. Call me "greedy pig", "cost optimizer", "bookkeeper" or "penny pincher". I like it to walk in the City with only a bottle of water. From 11am to 1pm, when others have lunch, is the best time in museum. In the evening when hunger arises I go to a restaurant to have dinner with local meal.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pirates on a boat of love - Austrian rockband

Rockband from Graz, Austrian city in Styria, with singer, guitar, bass and drums a minimalistic group. Singer is frontman & showman. Newborn woodstock kid? Garage womanizer? Dead-end kid from loveboat-casting? Johnny Depp of Indierock? Let girls judge. But, hey, Depp & love? What was the band's name? Ah, now I understand: Pirates on a boat of love. Songs: http://fm4.orf.at/soundpark/p/piratesonaboatoflove/main?audiolist=all

To the songs:
Showgirls: Strong voice. The song has a good start, but halving speed takes out the drive. I would stand still on the dancefloor and wait until it starts up again. For a party- or let's say a hitsong it's not really a good idea to change speed in a song. There are other ways to bring tension and contrast into the tune.

Let me love ya: seems to be a standard song, nothing exciting, nothing catchy. But the video shot at street event in Graz is funny. The singer is going around asking people to love him - i suppose.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Problems with commercial software? My solution

I had a problem with commercial software. I tried to install a new version of server software, but had big trouble with this update.
Greatest geniuses fail on trivias. Or should I say bits and bobs? There must happen so much to cause a choleric outburst of rage. But it happens suddenly and unexpectedly. However I was fighting against an IT problem.
Suddenly the idea was born how to solve this problem. Here I share this know how with you. Non commercial, free, fantastic simple.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Film- and photoshot in castle Laxenburg near Vienna on a bright summerday

Had filmshot in Schloss Laxenburg, a beautiful castle from Kaiser time near Vienna. I need a few shots for a musicvideo, don't say more, just work on it.
It was very hot, a real bright and sunny day. I had video camera and photocamera. I went (nearly) around the lake. Unfortunately it is not possible to surround the lake. I went up to the bridge and to the grotto. On the way to the bridge to the castle (Franzensburg), named after Kaiser Franz Joseph, I saw interesting trees. I am not one of these crazy naturalists holding a tree murmuring magic spells to inhalate the energy. I mean it's a plant, nothing but a plant.
I had a opulent breakfast at 8am with coffee, chiabatta (Italian bread), sausage, cheese, tzatziki. I arrived at 1pm and left at 5:30pm. I only had 1.5l mineral water with me, nothing to eat. After arrival at home at about 7pm I started cooking. Shrimps with rice, Asian sauce and salmon. And a bottle of my favourite white wine, Hungarian Muskat Ottonel from Danube region.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Filmcutting Mohandas musicvideo

gawking into monitor while cutting
Actually working - let's better say finishing - musicvideo to the song "Never" by Viennese band "Mohandas". I work with Adobe Premiere CS5, english version. I prefer english version because tutorials and q&a in internet usually are in english and refer to the english version of software. Hard enough to see a tutorial on Apple while having a Windows pc.

Ok, here is a short preview (a few scenes) used in the musicvideo. It starts in the sky where the big stars fall down on Vienna to rock. Sorry for lousy quality of picture, but that's Google-video upload.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

At hairdresser - filmed with secret spycam on my hand

I have a wrist watch with video/photocamera and I made a few shots when I was at the hairdresser. Only a test. Pssssst: Next time I will get secret shots from secret places ;-)
I purchased this spycam to picture at problematic places. Forbidden or not, I like to picture to remember later.