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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Shopping in Beverly Hills and Melrose Avenue

In the morning photoshooting on Hollywood Bvd. At 6h30 there are only some people and a few cars passing by. Intersting shooting. People will ask "So few people. How did you do that?" My answer: simply crawl up early in the morning.
Later visited Rodea Drive and Wilbury. Bought five handmade ties in Beverly Hills.
Moving in direction LA Downtown. Shopping at Macy's at Beverly Hills Center. Whenever I go to USA I shop at Macy's - New York City, Las Vegas or Los Angeles. Big offer, good price. So I can say, what California's governator said: "I'll be back!". When the clerk (female, friendly) made the bill I said, that I pay with credit card. She said: "No problem, Sir, I will change it". I murmured "My god, You sound like a Us-president".
A little walking and the shopping in Melrose Avenue. Found a great shop named MOIST (www.moistware.com). The saleswoman is from Belarus, speaks and understands Russian. She showed me two other shops connected: PREMIUM and another MOIST. And in every I shopped, or should I say I let the credit card glow. Compared with last time I was here, Melrose seems to go down the drain. A lot of shops are closing down and some shops are free for rent. At PREMIUM the owner of all three shops, a woman from Ukraine, told me that with the crisis so many shops give up.

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