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Friday, April 1, 2011

Hang out with Clara Luzia - fine folkrock from Vienna

With tobacco rough voice the Austrian singer Clara Luzia touches the heart of listeners. The lyrics are about madness of life and hoping for a happy end. Sounds dark, but it isn't. Minimalistic arranged and perfectly performed folkrock songs let you sit down and lean back from the hustle and bustle of evrydaylife. Emotional, thoughtful, enigmatic, outstanding.

Clara sings:
It's not getting any better
keep writing you this letter in my head
there ain't nothing to be written
that couldn't as well have been said
... as well as have been sung. The message comes in clear words but worth to read between the lines. The official homepage is as minimalistic styled like the songs are. No WOW! U GONNA LIK DAZ-blast-popup, not even colours. Small icons leading to navigate through the website and discover photos, music and lyrics. Well done, baby.

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