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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Last day ASCAP EXPO - contact roundup

Gary Taylor (right) from Canada. Next musicfestival Canadian Music Week 2012 - March 21-25, 2012. Maybe a good chance to visit Toronto. Left is a collegue of him. The lady is working for Canadian Administration / office Los Angeles.

John Palone, music producer and songwriter from Kansas City.

Volunteer at ASCAP EXPO. I asked: "What volunteer? Army?" She denied with a touch of protest "Oh, no! ASCAP volunteer"

Jacque Howard Sachs, singer / songwriter / lyricist (more info on this blog)

Sinem Saniye, who I met at MIDEM in Cannes, was also here at ASCAP EXPO in Hollywood. Plays nice pop. On her HP are links to Youtube, Facebook and more.

Left Charlie Recksieck from band "The Bigfellas" coming from San Diego. Well, sounds like mafia. I asked him about and he replied, he is not member of a mafia-group.
Right of me Spud Davenport, a singer/songwriter/drummer/producer from Escondido (California).

Cool guys making advert for their music. Interesting idea!
Rapper selling his CD on the Hollywood Bvd. I was on going to my hotel after a sightseeing day in L.A. I whispered to him "I look like a damn fucking tourist!" He replied "Dont mind"

Friday, April 29, 2011

Second day ASCAP MUSIC EXPO - about genre, little boxes and a virtual amp wall

Renaissance hotel http://www.renaissancehollywood.com/ behind - or better say around - Kodak center has a few restaurants inside and around. Great hotel with terrace swimming pool looking down to Central Courtyard in Kodak Center.

I became acquainted with Jacque Howard Sachs, a singer/songwriter from Philadelphia with an interesting voice. For me it sounds bluesy with soul. I like her music. My tip: visit her homepage and listen to her.
We were talking about genre and she said, she does a combination of many genres, she does not want to be put in a box.
I replied: People want to choose boxes. Sure, nobody wants to be categorized and put into a box. But I know bands who write they play a combination of all gernres, others are oh so innovative and created a totally new style. But what is that? Tchaikovsky played with banjo? Would I visit a concert of such a group? I am interested in rock and pop. So if a group comes up with that genre, it would be interesting for me. It's not the music industry that makes the rules, it's us, the customers. That's harsh reality.

I played a MIDI guitar and it worked well. A few years ago a friend warned, don't buy a MIDI guitar; there is no feeling and the more it can't deal with pitching, what you may need in a guitar solo. But I played a Roland guitar and it was a very good feeling. Even flagiolette and chords worked fine. It is so easy to switch sound from Jeff Beck to a dirty fuzz guitar and then to a amp wall like in a stadium. Maybe I should get such a guitar. I still have my HIWATT 100 and it sounds so "tube". But with that hardware I can easily record a guitar solo and later switch to any sound I like. No more micing a git amp.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


On this first day at Renaissance hotel I visited a few events starting with the welcome-speech. Interesting workshops and technics-demos.
After the last show ending at 6h15pm I met John, a producer from Kansas City. We went to a meet&greet to connect with people, drinking wine and eat a little.

Ariane Kamp, a business woman from New York City, was with us. We went dining starting with a Martini rosso as aperitive. Steak at Renaissance hotel Grill was great. I like it medium with sauce. John said, he had seen Peter O'Toole. Later we found out it was true. He even touched him.  recommended not to wash hands for minimum 6 months.
Peter O'Toole was here to make a print into concrete at the Chinese Theatre.

Then we went to ASCAP music show at H&H ballroom with performing ASCAP artists. But Ariane wanted to go to a movie festival. However she did not have a badge and was not on the guestlist, so we could not enter. I suggested to go to Roosevelt hotel for a drink. I took two vodka/juice. An excellent band playing good old beat-music was performing. So great that I hung the corners of my mouth behind my ears. We left and met John again.

Why Donald Trumpet is not running for the White House

Donald Trumpet is the trumpeter and noisemaker but not running for White House in this early stage. Reps are kidding journalists. Donald Trumpet is the frontman to make media focus on stories we not really need like birth certificate. He keeps media and Democrats busy. Meanwhile serious candidates are working in the background to step out of the dark when time has come.

The more, can you imagine a president named Tataratataaa? "Ladies and gentlemen, the president of the United States of America, Mr.Tataratataaa"
To fact and fiction: I must say, I deeply believe that the US-president was born, but it may be long ago, maybe about half a century.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Eating steak the american way

Whenever in the USA I eat steak the American way: medium, thick, much sauce. Tired from walking around I crawled to a seat forgetting that in the US a waiter leads you to a place. I did it European, my mistake. The restaurant was IHOP on Sunset Bvd / Hollywood (map). And Premium Orange Juice (pure squeezed), what means 1 litre icecold drink. Another facette of American way of life. Finally, I would recommend this restaurant.

Shopping in Beverly Hills and Melrose Avenue

In the morning photoshooting on Hollywood Bvd. At 6h30 there are only some people and a few cars passing by. Intersting shooting. People will ask "So few people. How did you do that?" My answer: simply crawl up early in the morning.
Later visited Rodea Drive and Wilbury. Bought five handmade ties in Beverly Hills.
Moving in direction LA Downtown. Shopping at Macy's at Beverly Hills Center. Whenever I go to USA I shop at Macy's - New York City, Las Vegas or Los Angeles. Big offer, good price. So I can say, what California's governator said: "I'll be back!". When the clerk (female, friendly) made the bill I said, that I pay with credit card. She said: "No problem, Sir, I will change it". I murmured "My god, You sound like a Us-president".
A little walking and the shopping in Melrose Avenue. Found a great shop named MOIST (www.moistware.com). The saleswoman is from Belarus, speaks and understands Russian. She showed me two other shops connected: PREMIUM and another MOIST. And in every I shopped, or should I say I let the credit card glow. Compared with last time I was here, Melrose seems to go down the drain. A lot of shops are closing down and some shops are free for rent. At PREMIUM the owner of all three shops, a woman from Ukraine, told me that with the crisis so many shops give up.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Arrived in Hollywood

At 14h30, after 1h delay, in Paris / CDG (Charles de Gaulle airport) because of problems with videosystem the Boeing 777 took off. On 16h30 (plan 15h30) the machine arrived in LAX, Los Angeles airport. Great hotel, 1 block from Chinese theatre and Kodak-center on Hollywood Bvd, wit fridge, coffeemachine and microwave in the room. TV is standard in USA. The WLAN is not protected, no need for password although they gave me a password in the office.
Went out to Hollywood Bvd, fogot about the jetlag. Nightviews on the Boulevard are interesting to picture. The picture right is Hollywood Bvd / North Highland. I did a sequence of photos to make a HDR (High dynamic range). I work with Photomatix for HDR. I finalized the HDR-picture by doing unsharp mask and enhanced colours.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Anti-Obama song at US-songcontest

American songwriting contest in Nashville took notice of my song "Yes we do", which is a protest song against Barack Obama and his policy. I was long thinking if I should dare to publish that song, because many of my listeners and followers are from USA, especially California. Me, a Eurobuddy from Vienna / Austria, stands up against the most powerful man in the world. But then I said to myself: No guts, no glory. Hope they don't send me to Guantanamo when I arrive in Hollywood next week.

Here are the lyrics:

Yes we do

Surfing on success from Hawaii to Washington - what sensation
Triumph, You had a glamorous inauguration
But what is done so far?
See where the plan and where You are

What we need is "Yes we do"
No more "Yes we can"
Because I know that we can

You took up forcefully the baton for administration
Now You are conductor in political orchestration (MC of the White house)
Where have You gone so far?
See where You should be and where You are

What we need...

No more "Yes we can", we have enough
What we need is "Yes we do"
Yes we do!
Your fabulous change movement
Has potential for improvement
Make a change!
Make a change!
Make a change!

Venerable Stockholm hasty honoured You - congratulation
Hungry eyes are waiting for Your problem solving qualification
Now the world has heard
Change is more than a word

What we need...

Music&Text: Henk Freytag

And here are the judges comments:

There are some inventive ideas here. Along with the intriguing wordplay this shows potential! However it's never clear as to what these words are about, or whom "you" person is that the singer is refering to. In order for the listener to relate to the words of this song they would have to have prior knowledge to what you're writing/singing about. This approach doesn't work for those who have no inside knowledge of which these lines refer to.

Ok, maybe I should title the song "Yes we do, Mr. President" and add a "Barack" into the lyrics. I wanted to do so when writing the song, but Barack is a difficult word to use in a verse. I don't nkow any rhyme on that. Well, life is a challenge...

Interested in my music? -> itunes

Hear (for free) an albumsnippet including the song "Yes we do" on soundcloud

2 films ViennaCC and the band Unding published

Published an interview with Viennese band UNDING, which was recorded in March 2011. The interview is in German. Themes go around the band's history, new CD and their music.
In the opening I say that I heard something contradictory. In another interview with the bandleader Leo weeks before he said, that he will let UNDING down. And later he said, no he won't let the band down. I used this material in my interview.
And I released a musicvideo I produced with the band. The song is in German too.
The title: Gehtsderwirtschaftgutgehtsunsnochlangenichtgut
Don't look that up in the dictionary. It's about economic crisis. One of our politicians said: Is the economy well, then we all are well up. The band denies. The politician may look at the world from his wainscotted conference room, but the band is looking from their practice room. Protest, protest, protest!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Chat online (electro version) released - free download

My song CHAT ONLINE (ELECTRO VERSION) was published by National Austrian radiostation FM4 exactly on Apr 15, 2011 at 18:54. The song can be played with the soundpark player in browser and also can be downloaded for free.
The site is called SOUNDPARK, where musicians and bands can present their songs.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friends of Yoda - a band from Vienna's sound universe

Friends of Yoda, a band from Vienna, met master Yoda. Master Yoda is not only a master of Jedis but also, what hardly anybody knows, a master on slideguitar. Master Yoda instructed them in the art of musicproduction. Far away from starwars and jedi-battles the trio plays earthy, acoustic rock without synhies and lasergunnoisesoundsamples (what a word!).

Why this name? Silly question. What else if fate let it happen that Bruno met master Yoda?

Who is Friends of Yoda?
  • Bruno (guitar)
  • Yoda (acoustic guitar/electric guitar/bass guitar/slide guitar and lasersword)
  • Chewbacca (vocals)

They play - believe it or not - pop/rock. "Perfect lover" comes as perfect produced poprock with bluesy touch. I avoid predicates like "awesome" or "excellent". Master Yoda would not have survived in Vienna's sounduniverse without these attributes. Special games included "touch my hiny", "wonderfully wild" and "uh"s and "ah"s at the end. The number is the one outstanding. The other songs, forgive me master Yoda, the power is not with it. But they are on the right track, not to say laserbeam. Universe is also not stable, it's expanding.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Working on a new version of "I want your love"

Last night I started working on a version of "I want your love".
I want it more hard drums and with a synthie. The arrangement should be more disco for stamping on the dancefloor. In the breaks not a drumbreak like in recent recordings, but something with synthie, a outerspace-sound. Gonna look in my soundlibrary.
I want to combine metal/indie/rock with house/electronica. For the song has a melody with 2-vocals chorus. I think the combination with rhythmic house-like electronics will result in an interesting sound-experiment.
I should try to get away from the good old 60s-style with guitar and hammond-organ.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chat online (electro version) now online - free download

Electroversion of the song CHAT ONLINE. The rockversion is on the album CONNECTED. I wanted to try out sounds and rhythms.
In the network-universe I perform the song. That's what I call adventure chat online.
As usual in the lyrics I play around with words.
I added a link to the musicvideo of the rockversion.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Face II Face - DJs from Vienna

Decades ago bands played live on ballnights and weddings. I remember when we had about 300 songs in stock. And some evergreens like "Rock around the clock" or "Love me tender" were musthave-s. With electronic music you can book a DJ-lineup doing loops, remixes and dancefloor-extended-versions.

Here is an example of interesting entertainers from Vienna with music on their website. Sure, some parts of the songs sound monotone, but that's what you need when get the feeling on the dancefloor. But never it's boring. I also like the vocals in the tracks, it gives a human touch.

Video CHAT ONLINE online

Uploaded musicvideo "Chat online", a song out of the album "Connected".
Deep inside the network between server-boxes and rising webpages in the background i perform the song. That's what I call adventure chat online.
It was interesting working in the studio. So different than standing on stage. Always "do this", "dont do that", "beware of the light" and "keep your hand visible". There is a lot of computerwork in there. But having fun get experienced is what counts.
As usual in the lyrics I play around with words.
Thanks to Sandra, TV-producer, acting as model in this video. Doesn't she look good?


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Filmshot at Tatoo show in Vienna

Freakshow and tatoo-shops at Gasometer in Vienna. I had a filmshot there. I also met the most tatooed man, even in the Guiness book of records. Mariam interviewed him.

Some freaks there, some stereotype people. Tatoos came up in the late 80s. I had my Ed Hardin-tie, what fits well, because Ed Hardin 1996 had a show called "Pierced Hearts and True Love" in New York City, what gave the tatoo-subculture a kick.

The producer-girl Mariam purchased a bodice (corsage). Looks great, yes. camera-girl Olivia also purchased one. Fooling around with Olivia at a Alien-sculpture.


The drumshow was great. The music very rhythmic and on stage 6 drummer where drumming on oil barrels and acrobats performed. After 4 hours we had enough and went off.

On the way home in the sub U3 a girl with two boys sat down near me. She said: hello! I replied: Hi! She thought I came from England, but I said I am a rockmusician from Hollywood. We communicated only in english. When they left the train I said a goodbye in good german and they started to laugh as if they never can stop. The sub left the station and I still could hear them laugh.

At vernissage Kulturstadl Essling

Yesterday vernissage with Ingrid & Doris in Essling / Vienna. The event took place in the suburbans Kulturstadl Essling. Long way from the (inner) city to district 22. Out there it doesnt look like the city of Vienna. It looks more landscape and small village. Nearby there is a small museum for Fatty George, a famous Austrian clarinet-player.
At the event 2 artists presented their paintings. After speeches (well, must have) a poet read hist texts. Something boring and irrelevant. Finally a dancing group performed 4 dances. All of them female. Well, that was a hit.
I had to film the event to make a DVD then. Even get payed. Not too much, but I'm a lucky man.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Sick Boys Club play multistyle music

Sick Boys Club from Birmingham, Britain (UK) are fit in many styles. Burlesque musictheatre, mineworkers shuffle, nutty sound ska,... very interesting, because the music is full of ideas. You cannot categorize them or thro them into a genre-box. The only box would be labeled with "miscellanous". No charts-music, but experimental underground. They work without synthesizers, all natural instruments - or good emulated by software.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

"Making of Lady Smile Remix" video released

Free download-URL for video-file and music-file at the end.
See how the video was created, what ideas lead to this result. Secrets and knowhow, about the tools used and comments behind scenes.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Hang out with Clara Luzia - fine folkrock from Vienna

With tobacco rough voice the Austrian singer Clara Luzia touches the heart of listeners. The lyrics are about madness of life and hoping for a happy end. Sounds dark, but it isn't. Minimalistic arranged and perfectly performed folkrock songs let you sit down and lean back from the hustle and bustle of evrydaylife. Emotional, thoughtful, enigmatic, outstanding.

Clara sings:
It's not getting any better
keep writing you this letter in my head
there ain't nothing to be written
that couldn't as well have been said
... as well as have been sung. The message comes in clear words but worth to read between the lines. The official homepage is as minimalistic styled like the songs are. No WOW! U GONNA LIK DAZ-blast-popup, not even colours. Small icons leading to navigate through the website and discover photos, music and lyrics. Well done, baby.