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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lady Smile (electro version) released - free download

Lady Smile, a rocksong, arranged to electro and recorded with synthesizers (except sologuitar and real drums mixed to the back). New experience for me coming from rocksound. I like the industrial brutality, dully roaring sounds, metallic clang & bang. The synthe plays straight, I want it to sound like a machine. In the original recording there is a slower part at the end, not in the industrial version.
YAFD - yet another free download at www.soundcloud.com/viennacc

"A fools' day" - Young and enthusiastic band from Vienna

Young, motivated, talented. "A fools' day", a band from Vienna, play pop with keyboards, drums, bass and singer also plays trumpet. Interesting songs, but the kick is missing. What does that mean? Well, the songs sound nice, pretty well produced, but there are many bands out there producing well done recordings. They have talent and maybe a future. They should develop and there is potential for a career. Pretty nice upcoming band before getting famous. Hope to hear more in future. I think they have plans to start over, because they sing about "Superstar Phenomenon". Let's wish them that they meet their targets.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Recording Lady Smile acoustic version

Lady Smile acoustic version finished. Sounds great! After breakfast I will upload it to soundcloud.com/viennacc
YAFD - yet another free download

I think it's a great composition. The song has different parts, it starts at b-major and ends on G-major. There is always something unexpected, surprising in the melody. Although the riffs are simple and every school band could perform that song, there are a lot of changes in the song.
And listen to the g-minor after the second line ("... wait for a while"). You expect a clear b-major continuing, but bass plays a g after starting the tact with b.

By the way, the picture was a snapshot when I was surfing in the net and looked up Lady Smile's website on my old monitor under the ViennaCC-clock.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Concert band UNDING

In the evening I went to Venster99, club in Vienna, for a concert of the Viennese band UNDING to make a frew shots for the video I'm going to produce for the band. I already interviewed Leo, guitarplayer and bandleader. I usually produce a short report with interview and a musicvideo for a band to present the band on TV. I met people I know.
The concert, well, a bit too loud for that room. But with beer You make it through the night. They play something between rock and powerpop, a strange style. They plan the release of their next CD in April 2011. Am looking forward this CD.

I wanted to work in the recording studio for new mixes this night. Today we have summertime, so sunday is one hour shorter. But after this concert I have a zizzle in the ear. Or is it a rockworm? No more working. A cocktail from my bar and then a little TV, which is - if not a rockchannel - a soporific for me.

CET / summertime

BOING! Clock shows 2am, but it is 3am in the morning. Summer time is here again - hey, great title for a song, isnt it. But its much later now than it was a moment ago. Am I older now? Or younger? Or does it absolutely not matter in earth dimensions of billion-years?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Mindlife - rockmusic out of the synthie-box

Two producer from Graz (capital of Terminator ("Hasta la vista, baby")-country in Austria) form the band Mindlife.

* Under Blankets: indie-rocksong with rockdrums combined with electroimpact. good sound. Vocalcraze combined with synthie running out of control. Listen close to it.

* Fool in love: synthie-brass-section as good effect and good contrapointed, even a good recording if there wasnt that 80s-cheap-synthie effects at the intro. nevertheless worth to be heard. the song has interesting ups & downs / to & fros / fore & backs. Awful quaaak-solo, gotta replace that.

* Time to go to sleep: really makes me tired. not my game

* Pictures on the wall: sounds like anything club. long intro, not spectacular song, a little wannabe-happysound


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bye Liz

We gotta keep Liz Taylor as beautiful actress. The moment I like most is the Yoohoooo! on stage.

Died after only having two thirds of her life behind. But Grim Reaper comes unexpectedly.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Where the strongest stories come from

This picture looks like photoart, a little photoshop work and done. But it was the Tsunami after the Japan earthquake. The strongest stories come from reality.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New song "Lady Smile Remix" release

"Lady Smile Remix", a remix of my song "Lady Smile" will be published on Austrian radio FM4 exactly at March 24, 2011 11h15am at http://fm4.orf.at/soundpark/v/viennacc
Video (http://www.youtube.com/viennacc) and free downloads (http://www.soundcloud.com/viennacc) already available.

Lady Smile Remix Video

das Audiofile von viennacc, das du in den FM4-Soundpark
gestellt hast, wird demnächst auf http://fm4.orf.at/soundpark
veröffentlicht, und zwar exakt am 24.03.2011 um 11:15 Uhr.
Bitte beachte, daß diese Zeit noch verändert werden kann. In
diesem Fall würden wir Dir dieses Mail mit dem aktualisierten
Veröffentlichungsdatum erneut zuschicken.
Schönen Tag noch,
Dein FM4-Team

Monday, March 21, 2011

Psychedelic soundclouds

Spherical sounds by a sympathical musician named 77Bastian77 from Austria. Video is not really exciting, but I would say it's a nice psychedelic try.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

ViennaCC und Jana & die Piraten

Short concert clips of the band "Jana and the pirates" on Feb 10, 2011 in Shelter / Vienna. Interviews with the musicians in the dressing room. Jana talks about the noodle, Leo is delighted and all are in a good mood - and slightly drunk. Interview in German.
Kurzer Konzertausschnitt der Band „Jana und die Piraten“ am 10.Februar 2011 im Shelter / Wien. Danach Interviews mit den Musikern in der Künstlergarderobe. Jana schwärmt von der Nudel, Leo ist begiestert und alle sind gut drauf – und leicht besoffen.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Natural food

In future I will always carefully have a look where the food comes from, especially fish. Is it salmon from the sea or salmon from a factory. Avoid natural food. Who know where the fish swam, probably in Japanese sea. So watch out!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Freedom calling - free download of garage-punk EP

Garagepunk from Germany. Madame B and Manu/Zor are not only two musicians, they are a couple. Joy Disaster’s Nicolas Rohr joined with his guitar. On the website text is German, but lyrics are english.
If you like it hard and pure, here it comes:
download: http://www.af-music.de/download/139/

Cirque du Soleil - Corteo

Great pictures and great circus performers. Music not so good, more instrumental noise than melody.
Finally it was a wonderful event. Cirque defined circus in a new way. Hopping lions, horses and cages are past. Now the sportive attractions are embedded in a show-concept. This time it was a clown's dream after death. Design, costumes and decoration, was inspired by old Italian Renaissance-style.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

atomic danger

Scenery I designed for film:

I thought its gonna be a great show, when a small packet with surprise inside explodes in the living room. That was before Fukushima. These days I would avoid such allusions.

Cannon-equipped police trucks

First Cannon-equipped police trucks against atomic plant protester and now against atomic plant. What a crazy world!

old news to japan earthquake

dont say: i always knew it...

Lady Smile Remix video

video-scratching with repetition of parts and moves of a remix of my song "Lady Smile".

0:40 my LadySmile-website opens, video-scratch related to the scratch-effects in the song
0:47 left on the big videowall the original LadySmile-video is shown
1:23 overlays of different parts of the video
2:39 searching in Las Vegas, Vienna and Hollywood
2:53 LasVegas casino hotels, but background is Hollywood (look left)
2:57 shaking face. eyes are down and mouth is up. shaking face again, it's alright now.
3:23 face overheating like a teapot
4:00 uuuuh-howling makes the lips to stretch
4:13 the end does not fit to the video. but it is cool enough to cut it in.

the stuff:

2 days left

is this the end of the world? no, keep cool.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Austrian bands - pros and cons

"The Borderliners": nice blues, punk-sound. But song Dealer: TomWaits from Austria! http://www.theborderliners.at/

"Sly Dogs": Bikers heaven, but rediculous music. Terrible vocals make me say: Farewell, buddies, better go biking. But sell your instruments.

"Sister Jones": shit, that only one song is up. Fear & Loathing: great rock. very cool. http://fm4.orf.at/soundpark/s/sisterjones/main

"Black Box Radio" from Vienna: Recognition of vocals. Black Box Radio are ready 4 radio. Congrats! http://www.myspace.com/blackbora

Österreichische Bands - roundup

Sister Jones
Doofer Promotiontext. Doofe Band. Doof, daß nur ein Song veröffentlicht wird.
Fear & Loathing: grandios gespielter Rock. Sehr lässig, sehr cool.
In Linz beginnts hoffentlich für diese Band.

Black Box Radio
Wiedererkennung durch Vocals. Black Box Radio sind absolut radiotauglich.

"Last Another Day" ist ein erfrischender Popsong nach bekannten Mustern gestrickt. Gut gemachter Happy-Sound. Freud macht Spaß - um nicht "Freude" zu sagen; dieses Wortspiel überlass ich anderen.
Interview wäre interessant.

IRIS, Horizon Divine, Sly Dogs
Drown your tears in wine: voller Sound, leider etwas gequälter Gesang, aber sonst ordentlich gemacht. Gegenüber dem ausgedünntem Gitarrengesurre bei den Bands "Horizon Divine", ein Scorpions-Epigon am Mikrofon; oder "Sly Dogs". Letztere überzeugen nicht einmal vokal. Sollten abdanken und besser Motorrad fahren.

los as schränza
Altbackene Synthie-Langeweile als Füllmaterial für Mülleimerverkleidung. Ödität hat einen Namen. Lass es, Schränza.

Georg F
Surf Maniac. Ventures & Satriani Richtung 21.Jh gebongt. Tatsächlich neue Wege. Schwierige Kost, aber sehr innovativ.

interessanter indie-sound. internationaler standard. it's in your hands ist zwar nicht enttäuschend, aber es gab schon besseres von loxodrome.

metal-hiphop. eigener stil. sehr interessant. sauber produziert. kann leider nicht weitergeben, weil texte deutsch. homepage elend, weil nur 1 s/w-video; sonst keine infos. schade, talente vergeben chancen.

The Desert Boats
Solider Britpop mit mehrstimmigem Gesang, schön produziert. Für Leute, die auf sowas stehen.
Nun, ja, ich steh drauf.

Digital I
Sehr zu empfehlen. Master of the Tun(e)iverse. Weitgereister WaveTraveller. Schwer verdauliche Kost, aber voll Kreativität.

macht sich, macht sich. Flächige Synthies bei Nachtschwärmer (live2011), Abwechslung drin.

The Sado-Maso Guitar Club
Set me free: Staggers, Jet, ... purer Rock. Hammond, Chorus, alles da für einen 70er-Jahre-Rock. Nicht neu, aber sauber produziert. Englisch! Empfehlung überlegen.

bieten Indierock nach internationalen Vorbildern.
Antistatic Glasshouse Living: Gesang etwas daneben, interessantes Arrangement.
Leider problematische Website, stürzt bei mir immer wieder ab. Empfehlung wegen Website nicht möglich.

What if Gadhafi wins?

Arab League and EC will wait until Gaddhafi has eliminated rioters. Then they will free Libya from the Gaddhafi-regime. A sinister masterplan!

Why Japan?

and not the Kim Jong-il-palace?